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The Maya calendar doesn’t end in 2012, as some have said, and the ancients never viewed that year as the time of the end of the world,archaeologists say.

But December 21, 2012, (give or take a day) was nonetheless momentous to the Maya. “It’s the time when the largest grand cycle in the Mayan calendar-1,872,000 days or 5,125.37 years-overturns and a new cycle begins,” said Anthony Aveni, a Maya expert and archaeoastronomer at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. The Maya kept time on a scale few other cultures have considered. During the empire’s heyday, the Maya invented the Long Count-a lengthy circular calendar that “transplanted the roots of Maya culture all the way back to creation itself .”

During the 2012 winter solstice, time runs out on the current era of the Long Count calendar, which began at what the Maya saw as the dawn of the last creation period: August 11, 3114 B.C. The Maya wrote that date, which preceded their civilization by thousands of years, as Day Zero, or

In December 2012 the lengthy era ends and the complicated, cyclical calendar will roll over again to Day Zero, beginning another enormous cycle.


Oh, Yes! Once it was clear that since nothing is ‘clear’ a lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon and this is what they have warned about -


Here’s the list of 2012 events:

1. Pole shift
2. Magnetic pole reversal
3. Planet X getting near Earth or hitting Earth
4. Meteor hitting Earth (Thanks Nostradamus)
5. Planetary alignment leading to a major gravity burst with Earth being swallowed by the center of the galaxy.

The line between reality and illusion is rapidly getting blurred. There are plenty of naysayers who emphatically state that planetary alignments are a very slow, gradual process. Magnetic evidence in rocks confirm that continents have undergone such drastic rearrangement, but the process took millions of years-slow enough that humanity wouldn’t have felt the motion;

NASA’s Morrison opines about the ‘galactic alignment’ -

“There is no ‘galactic alignment’ in 2012,” he said, “or at least nothing out of the ordinary.” Similarly when asked about the mysterious Planet X he said “There is no object out there,”

The origins of this theory actually predate widespread interest in 2012. Popularized in part by a woman who claims to receive messages from extraterrestrials, the Nibiru doomsday was originally predicted for 2003.

“If there were a planet or a brown dwarf or whatever that was going to be in the inner solar system three years from now, astronomers would have been studying it for the past decade and it would be visible to the naked eye by now,” Morrison said. “It’s not there”.

As far as solar activity is concerned it waxes and wanes according to approximately 11-year cycles. Big flares can indeed damage communications and other Earthly systems, but scientists have no indications the sun, at least in the short term, will unleash storms strong enough to fry the planet.

Morrison explained that a type of ”alignment” occurs during every winter solstice, when the sun, as seen from Earth, appears in the sky near what looks to be the midpoint of the Milky Way. Horoscope writers may be excited by alignments, but “the reality is that alignments are of no interest to science. They mean nothing,” he said. They create no changes in gravitational pull, solar radiation, planetary orbits, or anything else that would impact life on Earth.

Thus for everything predicted by the doomsayers modern science has a big ‘NO’.


If the Maya didn’t expect the end of time in 2012, what exactly did they predict for that year?

Many scholars who’ve pored over the scattered evidence on Maya monuments say the empire didn’t leave a clear record predicting that anything specific would happen in 2012.

The Maya did pass down a graphic-though undated-end-of-the-world scenario, described on the final page of a circa-1100 text known as the Dresden Codex. The document describes a world destroyed by flood, a scenario imagined in many cultures and probably experienced, on a less apocalyptic scale, by ancient peoples .

Aveni, the archaeoastronomer, said the scenario is not meant to be read literally-but as a lesson about human behavior.

He likens the cycles to our own New Year period, when the closing of an era is accompanied by frenetic activities and stress, followed by a rebirth period, when many people take stock and resolve to begin living better.

In fact, Aveni says, the Maya weren’t much for predictions.

“The whole timekeeping scale is very past directed, not future directed,” he said. “What you read on these monuments of the Long Count are events that connected Maya rulers with ancestors and the divine.

“The farther back you can plant your roots in deep time the better argument you can make that you’re legit,” Aveni said. “And I think that’s why these Maya rulers were using Long Count time.

“It’s not about a fixed prediction about what’s going to happen.”



Considering the fact that end of the world predictions are always popular (44 predictions about the world’s impending doom have been made from 30 AD till 1903 AD.) Hollywood always takes the most interesting and worthy of subjects and turns them into hysterical hype. Sad, but true. What was truly ‘hitting below the belt ‘was the way in which Hollywood marketed the movie. Something called ‘viral marketing’ was effectively used to multiply the fear factor.

The first stage in this deception drama was the establishment of the INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN CONTINUITY. The following notice was posted on the website of this fictitious institute.


As the Communications Director of the Institute for Human Continuity, I’d like to thank you for taking an active role in preparing yourself for 2012. Please note your ticket is only valid for one person. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you encourage your friends and family to register for lottery numbers at

The IHC has uncovered evidence indicating that the disasters of 2012 are both real and unavoidable. We believe with 94% certainty that exactly four years from today, cataclysmic events will devastate our planet and many who inhabit it. December 21, 2012 cannot be ignored.

Though the future is uncertain, there are several things we can and must do to prepare. You have already begun by entering the IHC lottery and visiting our website. In the coming weeks, I will be hosting an online discussionduring which I will answer your questions and provide additional knowledge on how you can continue to prepare. You may submit your written questions to me via twitter and email. We will also be accepting video questions and will have more details for you in the coming weeks.

I look forward to receiving your questions and working together to ensure that the end is just the beginning.


Dr. Soren Ulfert, PhD

Communications Director

The Institute for Human Continuity

One marketing expert explained why they call this type of marketing ‘viral’

The term “viral marketing” is offensive. Call yourself a Viral Marketer and people will take two steps back. I would. “Do they have a vaccine for that yet?” you wonder. A sinister thing, the simple virus is fraught with doom, not quite dead yet not fully alive, it exists in that nether genre somewhere between disaster movies and horror flicks.

But you have to admire the virus. He has a way of living in secrecy until he is so numerous that he wins by sheer weight of numbers. He piggybacks on other hosts and uses their resources to increase his tribe. And in the right environment, he grows exponentially. A virus doesn’t even have to mate — he just replicates, again and again with geometrically increasing power, doubling with each iteration:


In a few short generations, a virus population can explode.


This is exactly what has happened. Even those who thought that the movie was pure nonsense still appreciated the special effects and thus kept on talking about the movie in their blogs, on Twitter and everywhere else.

Our summary of the whole situation:

Fool me once (Y2K), shame on you.

Fool me twice (12/21/12), shame on me.

To be continued…..

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