” So PK The Film talks about how stupid the idea of Idol Worship is.
When you can speak directly to God, why the need to worship stones. It goes on to mock the practice when the protagonist asks “if the idol runs on a battery” because he thinks the stone is not responding as it has ran out of battery.

Then he suggests that all people who visit temples are thieves as no one can find his/her “chappals” back at the temple site. Further, he distributes pamplets with the pictures of every Hindu God on it, titled “Missing”, suggesting, in his words, “these are wrong numbers”.

There is a blood-boiling sequence where a man dressed up as Lord Shiva for a drama is shown shaking in fear, running like a scared person, afraid of questions. At the end of the scene as the organizers announce his name and introduce him as the fearless Mahadev, he is shown running away on the stage with a broken Trishul and falling clothes.

He does target Christians and Muslims but only superficially, half-heartedly, always maintaining that formal respect toward those faiths while taking sharp sweeps at Hindus and their “stupid” faith.

And since its a Bollywood movie how can the director miss Love Jihad. To add insult to injury the Muslim doing Love Jihad is shown as a Pakistani. Take that 26/11 victims!

I wont just blame the actors, the director or the producer. They sell what people readily buy. I blame the lack of Hindutva mentality, not just in Hindus but also in our ruling elite, most of whom are Hindus, who have failed to create an atmosphere in which weeds dont grow..”

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