Our Objectives:

1. To highlight the glories of Sanatana dharma and the Vedic culture so that the younger generation is inspired to preserve the tradition that our forefathers have kindly handed to us.

2. To offer healthy solutions and spiritual based alternatives, to help cure the ills afflicting the Indian polity in general and the Hindu society in particular.

3. To expose and counter the deadly and insidious campaign of certain sections of the society which is aggressively preaching anti Hindu and anti Vedic philosophy.

4. To expose the one sided and narrow representation of Indian culture in the electronic and print Media, and the government agencies.

5. To offer service to pro Vedic culture groups, by providing them research material to defend the Vedic philosophy and Hindu culture from the virulent attacks of religious fundamentalists.

6. To encourage Indians to live a life closer to nature and God and to achieve this purpose we shall highlight the dangers of consumerism and modern lifestyle.

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