By AIF Staff

Life throws up predicaments at every step challenging us to tackle it with all our strength and wisdom. None of us are free from difficulties and failures. And no great man has ever risen to heights of success with out having to face these ruthless trials of life. If indeed difficulties were an inevitable aspect of life, wouldn’t it be wise to be prepared? Therefore a wise man is one who tries to seek a solution for life’s imminent crises well before hand.

More often than not we put ourselves in awkward situations, acting according to our own limited awareness, and then endeavor hard to come out of it. But real prudence is in realizing that problems can’t be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. Hence it is incumbent upon all intelligent men to seek a higher source of wisdom, which can extricate them of their crisis.

Religious scriptures offer us this realistic wisdom. Often misunderstood as a anthology of sermons of little or no practical relevance, religious scriptures are more than just moral tenets. They actually are depositories of personal experiences that teach us by experiential learning. By narrating the testing situations undergone by various personalities and how they have overcome them by accepting the higher principles of life, the scriptures present themselves as a practical guide for life.

Take for example Arjuna, the mighty commander and one of the greatest warriors in history. At a time when he was to display his valor in full glory, he was traumatized by his inner most weaknesses.  His grief was so overwhelming, that the mighty warrior was willing to give up his sacred duty and flee like a miserable coward. But during the time of his greatest crisis, he found his solace in the haven of Srimad Bhagavad Gita. By accepting in full the Gita and its Speaker, Arjuna was able to regain his composure and allay all of his fears. Like Arjuna, life’s crises sometimes bewilder us into a state of becoming totally hopeless. And in the darkness of hopelessness, if one seeks refuge in the beacon-light of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, one can ease one’s way out to true glory. The solutions to all our crises is already presented, it’s just a matter of which book counter we seek it in!

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