I should have written all this one year ago– it has been simmering inside me for long–time to let it overflow.
India will go to the dogs soon.  Enough of minority appeasement and pseudo-secularism.
If you look all over the Internet there are millions of posts on the subject of Naxalism in India.
Nobody has been able to appreciate the root cause . If you cant do that , you cannot get rid of Naxalite terrorism in India. Just shooting bullets on Naxalites is NOT gonna solve this problem. Someone else will pick up the gun. For the enemies of the Nation are stoking the fire.
Every fire can be extinguished if you know the FIRE TRIANGLE. You just need to knock off one leg of this 3 legged stool of legs Oxygen/ Fuel / Heat. I will introduce you to all the 3 legs of Naxalism, today. If patriots pay heed, you can save India.
The main reason is that the Media, TV journalists and politicians do NOT have the IQ or cerebral matter to use their perception . Some of the lawyer type politicians who do understand what is really happening choose to put a smoke screen , as they are corrupt. The public seems to be indifferent.
If I had my way, I would NOT allow MPs to enter Parliament and Media to shoot their mouths off or Journalists to push their pens or mouses,  unless they pass a basic IQ test. This is just to check out if they have brains inside or s#it.
I will address this problem today– naked truth will be penned. I really don’t care whose toes I will be trampling on in the process. The common Indian deserves to know the truth.
I must first explain what is Bauxite mining. This will be the first step.
Let me spell out a Cree Indian proverb. ” Only when the last tree has been cut, the last fish caught and the last river has died, man will realise that he cannot eat money “
The developed West has gone back to green fields, blue skies and clean rivers. They now shrewdly push under developed countries into polluting their lands , skies and water.

All these developed countries have enormous reserves of Bauxite . But they under declare them. They want the water retention capability of their soils to be intact.  This forced the third world countries to mine Bauxite. The poor countries have to rape their lands so that the West can have their Coke , chocolates ,arms and vehicles.
Mining Bauxite is a terribly messy job, unlike other type of mining . Here you have to do OPEN mining, also known as strip mining. Other mines have tunnels under the ground . You never see these tunnels from top. All you see is a small diameter vertical shaft.
You have to understand the process of Bauxite mining, if you want to understand the Naxalite problem and the Joshua Conspiracy in India.
In India 5 tonnes of Bauxite ore has to be unearthed to produce 1 tons of Aluminium.  The process is done by open cast mining.  Bauxite ore is 50% Alumina ore.
First the vegetation and trees have to be removed. This is like shaving off a round strip on your head to expose the scalp. When you clear the vegetation the flora and fauna is decimated.
 hole (1)
Now the 4 metres of top soil has to be removed by heavy bulldozers to expose and then access the red Bauxite ore underneath. Mined bauxite resembles small red pebbles, called pisolites,  averaging about five millimeters in diameter. The Bauxite ore crusher works overtime.
 top soil restocked
Before you do that the people around have to be relocated by giving them monetary compensation, which satisfies them. The birds bees and animals displaced should be able to escape to a suitable forest nearby. Very important medicinal plants must be saved and replanted immediately.
If the mining company is socially responsible, they will store this fertile top soil under a covered roof, and then after the mining is completed , they will fill up the same amount of porous middle soil ( as much as the quantity of Bauxite removed )  in the pits and replace the top soil, to create the ORIGINAL condition.
Then they will plant the tress and create conditions which cause the animals and birds  who have fled to come back. This rehabilitation costs money. The fact remains that 20% of the forest cover will be cleverly converted to commercial lands, and sold off for enormous profits.
Unless there is strict supervision by the Environment Ministry, who will impose heavy fines if they are NOT satisfied. It is a tall order for a rain forest to grow back to its original pristine state. This might take another 50 years.
 imagesBGHKIO map-red-corridor-2007-simagesBBNN
If the mining company does NOT do this they displace all living things including plants . This is environmental rape. For this area will now be barren. It will also destroy the surroundings.

The rivers and ground water will be polluted. Fish will die. When it rains all water around becomes red, and even aerobic bacteria dies.This spells doom for all life inside soil.

Aluminium can be recycled. A Coke can can be recycled to make another new one.Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, and the third most abundant element. The estimated reserves of bauxite in India are 2.9 billion tonnes and Orissa has over 50% of India’s bauxite reserves.
Now, 1 ton of  Caustic soda impregnated toxic red coloured waste is a by product of every ton of Alumina ore , from which a 500 kilos of Aluminium metal is made.. The mining company is they are responsible has to dispose this off.  If they do NOT do it, the locals will protest.

Caustic Soda is required to extract Alumina ore from Bauxite ore.  Caustic Soda percolates into the ground water. The read ore overwhelms the ponds and rivers. A fine layer of dust will remain all over the place, and it makes a huge visual impact.
If the tribal protests are unheeded due to Police-Mining mafia, Politician nexus, then the locals will take up arms , to survive. Be very clear here, I am talking about survival.  Laws are for people with full stomachs.
Once the Bauxite is removes the water retention capability of the soil is severely reduced. Lower level of ground water means, tube wells and bore wells run dry. This means annual crops cannot be grown like before and the farmers have to settle for the second best, which is tree crops and pasture.
Bauxite acted as a  sponge to retain water while it rains and releases slowly, like from under water springs,  flowing into the perennial rivers. Bauxite mining would destroy the streams and  rivers.
The mining plant requires power for Alumina calcining and the driers.  Diesel generators require fuel. Burning furnace oil or mineral Diesel oil pollutes the air.  Noise scares away the birds and the bees.
The fine dust of Bauxite and Alumina causes Asthma and Rhinitis . The fine dust pervades everywhere, into the houses and kitchens, downwind. Aluminium refining requires lot of water.
Odisha government in its reply to a Supreme Court query in 2007 on the impact of bauxite mining on forest, flora, fauna and tribal population made it clear that the total forest area involved in bauxite mining as a percentage of total forest area of Koraput and Kalahandi districts was a mere 1.52%.  To these idiots I will say this—this 1.52% royally screws up nay rapes , the whole goddamn area—savvy?.

Bauxite mining is more ecofriendly than any other minerals,” says PK Jena, former sold out director general, of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and chairman of city-based Institute of Advance Technology and Environmental Studies (IATES). This is bull of the first order. This moron man must be sacked and jailed for disinformation.
Another idiot, APMDC managing director Mukesh Kumar Meena , cried that bauxite mining was meant to develop the tribal areas.
Bauxite is refined by a electrolytic process, which consumed Silica and Carbon . Flouride emissions pollute the ground water. Flouride calcified the Pineal Gland. Future generations are born daft. Flourine is absorbed by the plants . It accumulates in the bones .
It decays the bones and teeth of humans and animals who eat these leaves. Babies have low birth weights. Flourine , which is the most electro-negative of all elements, reduces crop yields and retards flora growth, as it attached itself to soil.

This is where “  the Joshua Project ” of Vatican comes into play.
US president George  Bush had given 20 Billion dollars to put the “soul harvesting ” or ” conversion to Christianity ” plan  into effect. The whole world was racially profiled. Ethnographic data like DNA, ethnicity, caste , creed , language – to check out for easy pickings and quick wins.
The whole mineral rich forests of India inhabited by non-mixing tribals was on focus.

Create suffering and “survival ” problems.    They go in and save them.    This is the meaning of “soul harvesting ”  – save the drowning,  who will clutch on to any last straw..

On Jan 29th 2001, the Joshua project was launched. It was white washed as a respectable “social service initiative” to fund the Christian missionaries.  Jim Towey was the director . The Vatican knew where to get easy pickings from–the poorest of the poor in deep forests .
Jim Towey was Mother Theresa ‘s lawyer. Mother Theresa was awarded Nobel prize, which even Gandhiji did NOT get ,  and of course Bharat Ratna.
If you want to know the true naked face of this evil woman who is now a “saint” , punch into Google search DIABOLICAL MINISTERING ANGEL VADAKAYIL.
Mother Theresa was the poster girl for Vatican. She had proved it is very easy to convert, the poorest of the poor , into Christianity, by carrot on stick method.
Joshua II project included intelligence gathering and deception using evangelists–along with conversions to Christianity. Our Andhra CM , YSR was part of the Joshua Plan.  YSR being Christian was given a free run in Andhra Pradesh, by Sonia  .  YSR doled out Bauxite mining leases in a corrupt manner from 2005 to 2010.

Penna Cements group got bauxite mines in Andhra Pradesh during YSR regime .This was in gross violation of the Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Area Land Transfer Regulation Act (ALTRA), the Panchayat (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act (PESA) and the Forest Rights Act. ALTRA prohibits transfer of tribal land to non-tribals even on lease while PESA makes gram sabha’s consent mandatory for implementing any project in Schedule Five area.
Furthermore, the mining plan also violates the spirit of the Supreme Court’s Samata Judgment of 1997, which prevents private companies from owning or leasing land for mines or industry in the Scheduled areas of the state. Andhra Pradesh holds an estimated 570 million tonnes of bauxite, which, according to the Geological Survey of India, is 21 per cent of the country’s total reserve.
More than 90 per cent of this reserve is concentrated in six deposits in Visakhapatnam district on the mountain caps of the Eastern Ghats. The deposits fall in the reserved forests of the Agency area on the Andhra-Odisha border. MoUs issued by YSR were signed in a very tactical way to circumvent the laws and court rulings protecting rights of the tribal communities in the area and maintaining the ecological balance.
Bauxite mining leases issued between 2005 and 2010 in Vishakhapatnam violated the regulation which bars the sale or lease of tribal land to non-tribals. These leases were given by state-owned AP Mining Development Corporation during the Y S Rajasekhara Reddy regime.
Under Schedule V,  the AP state governor is empowered to veto the implementation of any law on the grounds of land alienation of tribals, regulation of land allotment and money-lending activities.
The CBI found that YSR’s son Jagan Mohan Reddy had amassed enormous personal wealth by misusing the office of his late father, who was chief minister for six years till September 2009. . In all, Jagan had mobilized at least Rs 1,172 crore from various investors as a bribe amount, the agency said.
While the government doled out favours to various companies including Hetero group, Aurobindo Pharma, Penna Cements group, Dalmia Cements, India Cements and Ramky Pharma City, Jagan Mohan Reddy , shrewdly ensured that these companies invested in his businesses, the CBI said in its FIR and charge sheets.
YSR is directly responsible for the RED CORRIDOR running through Andhra Pradesh. He converted Hindus to Christianity using state funds –the taxes paid by the common Indian.  Sonia Gandhi with blessing from Vatican gave a free run to Christian Missionaries in our mineral rich forest areas. CMof Andhra Pradesh YSR was Sonia Gandhi’s pet.
Francois Gautier asks in his book : “Are we heading then towards a Christian India under Sonia Gandhi’s helm? It would be a tremendous loss not only to India, but also to the world. For in India, you find the only living spirituality left on this planet.”
Francois Gautier must NOT lose heart. The whole world is coming back to consciousness and Hindusim–this is what the date of 21st Dec 2012 is all about.
Today you find the Naxalite and NE separatists are all Hindus converted to Christianity.  Never mind what “Comrade” Arundati Roy, a Hindu with a Christian name and his cousin Prannoy Roy of NDTV says.  Arundati’s stupid prose accounts will only give Hindu names for Ak-47 holdingNaxalites.
This low IQ woman, who can play around with English words is a desh drohi.  She was made into a heroine like Amartya Sen, by giving her an Booker award for her fiction book God of Small things. This book was given a publicity blitzkrieg by Rothschild owned media. Then hey presto– like what Chetan Anand is going now–she goes into “preaching mode” .
Now this “not so bright” woman knows everything under the sun. She comes on Rothschild funded TV and gives seditious talk. She is an invitee to all Western embassy cocktail parties–none of whom want India to be a superpower.

They all want India to disintegrate the way USSR did. They fan the flames using Arundati Roy, their stooge and her ilk.

 I would like you to read her accounts in naxal ”infested “  forests ( she would like me to say “blessed” instead of infested , sorry baby Suzanne  ) where she has so much joy, sleeping in “1000 star hotels”, eating “ant pickle”  and squirreled away only for her Guavas– her blissful dealings with Comrade Joori and Comdrade Magtu and Comrade Kamla and what not?
Hey- how about Comrade Jack and Comrade Dick and Comrade Prick–  with a Comrade Mary thrown in for good measure?.


These Catholic Adivasis will now wear polyster pants and frock, and move to big cities in bare feet, to work as servants, and to guard rich men’s buildings for a song, right?.   And he will have his own Adivasi Bishop, too.


And once “Sir Dick” Champu and “Madame Mary” Kamla gets a hat and frock, and a Bible for good measure,—-


—- he/she has no more use for sacred mountains ( containing copper ) and ancestral graveyards ( containing Bauxite ) in the virgin forests back home , right?


Hey Arundathy baby, maybe you can pass the IIT, since you and your admirers think that playing around with flowery English words can do the trick. Just because you know the spelling of environment, don’t ever think you also have a Masters degree in environmental science.
Or may be you can pass an IQ exam with your clever choice of English words?  Wanna pit yourself LIVE with a 15 years old chaiwalla boy from the streets of Mumbai?–we will use your own channel NDTV for this IQ test.
Nowadays Arundathi baby, shares the morbid hallucination of Italian Queen Bee’s Christian warrior and Inquisitor , John Dayal (National Integration council  –what a sick joke! ) , that RSS is foreign funded.  Baby,  desi RSS is not based in Rome or Jerusalem or Mecca.

RSS was born to fight the Christian white invader. And baby, no matter how hard you try, you will be an intellectual only for the white Christian invader . Stop rubbing shoulders with Indian intellectuals — it cuts NO ice.

Below Sonia Gandhi’s Catholic Inquisitor John Dayal — “master of lies”?.


“India needs Azadi from Kashmir and Kashmir from India. It is a good debate that has started. We must deepen this conversation and am happy that young people are getting involved for this cause which is their future. Indian Government is a hollow super power and I disassociate with it,” –not so bright Arundhati Roy said.   On October 24, in Srinagar, Arundhati Roy repeated the same charge: “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India. It is an historical fact. Even the Indian Government has accepted this”
This rabid Hindu hating anti-national Christian woman with pedestrian knowledge of Indian history says
 “ The Indian state forcibly or deceitfully annexed the North-East, Goa, Junagarh, Telangana, etc” and that it is “an upper caste Hindu state waging a continuing struggle against the people”.   She does not know that Jammu and Kashmir had acceded to the Union of India after its erstwhile ruler Maharaja Hari Singh duly signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947.   And the state, consequently has become as much an integral part of India as each and every other erstwhile princely states have.
Christian Organisations like the International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, Christian Aid, World Vision, Seventh Day Adventist Church and multi-billion enterprises run by evangelists like Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and Roger Houtsma, amongst many others, were instrumental in running a coordinated conversion campaign in India.

Which other religious body on this planets goes into EVIL Bauxite mining?

What is the catch?

Below Church of England man in the British House of Lords.

Would the Hindu Shankaracharya buy mines in England , to screw the English people and foster violence there, with an aim to convert Christians to Hindus?

We must remember, the Church of England manages an investment portfolio which is worth more than £8 billion.
Before they can cry innocence– The Church of England offloaded their 3.8 million British pound stake in Vedanta, the biggest Bauxite mining company in India only 2 years ago, in Feb 2010.  And that too when they got caught with their pants down , and good White Christians in England took them to task– nay- all the way to China town.  So we have babes in the woods, right?
And mind you this dumping of stake is a big sham. They just put it from the right shirt pocket to the left. The shares went to their own Human rights and Environmental watch Trojan horses–like Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, the Marlborough Ethical Fund, Millfield House Foundation ,PGGM etc –all a big joke.
Joshua 2 projects includes STEALING of India’s Thorium– the Nuclear fuel which is 150 times more powerful than Uranium.  They have tried to steal Thorium from Kerala and Orissa. Sonia Gandhi’s single minded effort to dig the Sethusamudram canal , and her pseudo secularists claiming Ram is fiction, is also part of the Thorium conspiracy. One Tsunami and all our Thorium on the Kerala beaches vanish.
Now that it may NOT take off, the Vedanta group is prospecting in the Gulf of Mannar. I am very well aware of the prospecting activities done as part of the Joshua Project 2, in Papau new Guinea . I got this information right from the horse’s mouth.  Papua New Guinea is being raped and looted– the Christian missionaries were basically prospectors in Christian priests garb.
Our president Abdul Kalam had told on national television years back that India must develop Thorium based nuclear reactors. Thorium contains 150 times more energy than Uranium and is the MOST efficient combustible . It is found along with actinides Uranium and Plutonium in the Periodic table. Since Thorium is only slightly radio active , it is clean with no burden of nuclear waste disposal.

The SW Kerala beaches have Thorium–the world’s No1 reserves.  A thorium-powered reactor is inherently safe. It doesn’t run the risk of “meltdown” or explosion nor can even a dirty bomb be created. Its nuclear reaction simply stops when its neutron exciter is turned off.
A Memorandum of Under-standing (MoU) was signed between the Orissa government and Vedanta’s Anil Agarwal Foundation in July 2006 for setting up a private world-class 55000 crore( 1 Billion USD ) Vedanta university near Puri in Orissa with investments to the tune of Rs 15,000 crore.
The Orissa government got egg on the face and came under  pressure to nullify this MoU after the Central government admitted the fact that rich thorium is present in the land allocated for the university. Anil Agarwal was just a scrap dealer. What a rags to riches story!.
Vedanta was named Vedanta by the Church so that the Tribals reject Hinduism. Already BR Ambedkar has done enough to run down the Vedas and Manu Smriti.  The original Vedas and Manu Smriti does NOT contain any vile things for the lower castes.
It was the British who re-wrote the Sanskrit texts and educated the lower castes , that it is better to have Christian invader rules than Hindu rule. All this has been done in such a way, that till the Internet age nobody knew the amazing deception.
Just to give you a hint punch into Google search THE OPIUM RAJA, RAM MOHAN ROYVADAKAYIL.

The Joshua conspiracy aim was to make the Vedas sound like ” Hitler” or ” Devil” to the low castes and tribals.
The noble Vedic maharishis who wrote the Vedas were NOT racists.  If you want to know about the Vedic caste system , punch into Google search THE UNTOUCHABLES VADAKAYIL.

Whatever utter crap you find in the Vedas , that shudras have been made from the feet of God , and Brahmins from the head,  have all been injected by the Christain white man –  the way you put a speck of sand in a oyster to get a fake pearl.

All Rothschild funded Indian media are actively involved in the Joshua Project.    Punch into Google search CNN IBN POLL, GREATEST INDIAN VADAKAYIL.  Rothschild is mainly interested in making money.
Bribes were paid by the bauxite mining companies like Vedanta to the ruling politicians to get mining leases at throw away prices. They flouted all environmental rules till UPA environmental minister Jairam Ramesh, started biting them.

There are still some patriots left in UPA, who love their motherland more than the Italian waitress and her “not so bright” son. Police and forest rangers were bribed to drive away the poor tribals from their ancestral lands. These people live of the land. Without land, they are helpless.
Now Vedanta is trying to get respectable by buying stakes in Larson and Toubro.  This is like the wolf putting on sheep’s clothing to fool the villagers.
The owner of Vedanta Anil Agrawal has friends in Vatican and Rothschilds. he lives in London, in the Shah of Iran’s palace –this palace is meant for stooges, who must be arm twisted and black mailed.  Probably Anil Agarwal must check out this palace for night vision hidden cameras and bugs.

The Joshu plot is well laid out. Make life unbearable for the tribals. make them despair, with ground water and streams polluted. Provoke them using Trojan horses in the garb of good Samaritans , to revolt.  Give them guns.
Brainwash the gun toting Naxalite and Maoist tribals to believe that the innate, structural inequality of Indian society can only be redressed by the violent overthrow of the Indian State. Give them a constant unending supply of expensive ammunition.
Make the Government shoot their own desperately poor people. Spread false propaganda, that only the Church can save them.  Give medicines and money , selectively to “converted to Christian souls” only. This is exactly the way drug runner Rothschild came to India with his shipping fleet British East India company , as traders.
Soon traders made us slaves.  There were NIL Christians ( except for a few thousand in Kerala ) , when Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut ( my home town ) in 1498. Today do you have any idea how many million Christians are there.  All by carrot and stick sops.  Only Islam had used force.
There was an Inquisition which nobody knew till the Internet age–yes! in India. Punch into Google search PORTUGUESE INQUISITION IN GOA FRANCIS XAVIER- VADAKAYIL.
Vedanta has been allowed to rape Orissa forests . The financial value of the bauxite deposits of Orissa alone is 4 trillion dollars. One trillion is 1000 billion dollars. 1 Billion is 1000 million dollars. One USD is 56 rupees. Take a calculator and check out how the Govt has allowed our country to be looted.  
The Indian treasury gets a royalty of about 6.6 % only. Like our coal block lease allocations the whole area now belongs to a foreign entity.  He will mine only when the prices go high, or when he wants to do some subversive social engineering.  Till this then it is safe NO CHARGE AT ALL storage space.
Most of the times this coal has already changed hands several times. All making a neat profit, by doing NOTHING!.  On the ship,the Captain knows when the Original Bill of Lading ownership changes hands at sea.
The Indian East Coast region, home to 74% of the total bauxite reserves, continues to be one of the most-neglected regions in the country, as not a single bauxite mine has been opened in the past three decades. It will be jail for trespassing , what with local police connivance.
Do you want to know more about NO CHARGE SAFE STORAGE OF APNA MAAL?

Algeria is one of the richest country of the world. But today the people there live in utter poverty.Naxalite type terrorism has been fanned there by the West and the Church. It is not profitable to trade with Algeria, as insurance costs go too high, and you cant make a profit.

Today Rothschild controlled insurance houses have brown nosed and bribed their way into India — with even Ex-US presidents like George Bush pushing their case with Sonia Gandhi.

Getting back –under the desert sands of Algerian Sahara lies the greatest reserves of gas. This is kept as safe storage. One day when the Christian white man wants the fuel, terrorism will stop with the flick of a switch , and this gas will be stolen . Every foreign funded Christian missionary NGO in India is a Trojan horse.
Today the Indian Christian refuses to see the truth.  For them their religion ( shoved own their ancestor’s throats ) is more important than their motherland.  More than 60% of the millions Christian missionaries world wide are no longer white Christians. They are more loyal to Jerusalem and Rome than to their own country.
When the Italian Marines at Kochi were jailed ( fishermen shot thinking they were Somalian pirates in broad daylight ) , you should have seen the way the Christian Bishops sweated to please Vatican and Rome. This is despite the fact that the two fishermen killed were ChristianMalayalis.
I don’t want you to think I am going on a Christian religion bashing tangent.  I am a patriot and I shall tell the truth. It telling the truth is HATE speech, so be it.

It is amusing to see the word “hate” diluted so badly. A huge vicious goon will beat up a frail old  lady.  When she expostulates, stating the truth, the goon will get her thrown in jail and maligned as a terrorist, using his political and media connections– for , hold your breath–”hate speech” —  BRAVO!

TEE HEEEE–something funny after so much of serious reading, right?. OK, take a deep breath, there are more shocking truths to be spilled– in this post. All I am saying is,  be an Indian first, then a Christian .
To be frank it is so easy to mark out the MAOIST or Naxal corridor.  Just find out where all Bauxite mining MOU leases have been doled out. There is NO need to have Israeli drones and surveillance cameras for this.  Since all this MOU is a secret, only the UPA Ministry of mines can do this job.  Even the Environment ministry will be in the dark.
2014, general elections are nearing.  All you traitors politicians, be ready to pack up your bori-bistar and go to a smelly scratchy part of jail.  Raja style or Kanimozhi style. Wanna bet, who will have the last laugh? When you rape pristine forests and eco-systems, to fill up foreign pockets , there will be  divine retribution.
Can you belive this? Chid , was non-executive ( sic!)  director of Vedanta. The book Vedanta’s Billions authored by one R Poddar claims that Chidambaram had served as a director of a company Vedanta Resources, owned by industrialist Anil Agarwal and drawn huge perks.
The book said Chidambaram was a director in Agarwal’s company ‘Vedanta Resources’ in 2003 at a salary of US $70,000 and other perks before assuming the responsibility as the Finance Minister of the country. The book also said Anil Aggarwal’ family has 88 per cent shares in Sterlite company.
When the Indian military forces and the naxalites fight with each other, and locals are driven away–who wins?  the mine owners, right !  Chid claims that he joined Vedanta to learn global finance.

Home Minister Chid in his over enthusiasm wanted our Indian Air Force to bomb the Naxalites. It was a bizarre moment when the Air Chief Marshall PV Naik used his innate wisdom ( against a democratic government  ) and strongly opposed this proposal . He said, “ The military—air force, army and navy—are trained to inflict maximum lethality and NOT minimum lethality.  He said that the Indian airforce is geared to attack foreign enemies and NOT our own poor country men.
So our Chid was learning –just like how our “not so bright” Yuv-raj used Indian Parliament for “learning” .

Digression:   Chid made mE day when he repeated MOTA MAAL told by Sushma Swaraj in the Lok Sabha , as MOCHA MAWL .

It is common knowledge to Ministry babus, that when Chid, became finance minister, one of the first clearances he gave for FDI was to Twinstar Holdings, a Mauritius-based company, to buy shares in Sterlite, a part of the Vedanta group. Vedanta Aluminium is headquartered in Jharsuguda, State of Orissa.  Vedanta owns 70.5% of the share capital of Vedanta Aluminium and Sterlite owns the remaining 29.5%.

When the Indian military forces and the naxalites fight, with each other, and all locals are driven away for good  –who wins?  the mine owners, right? And remember Church of England is a benami mine owner.
Mining group Vedanta Resources paid $5.69 million (about Rs 28 crore) to political parties in India in last three years.Without disclosing the beneficiaries, billionaire Anil Agarwal-promoted Vedanta in its annual report for 2011-12 stated that it paid $2.01 million to political parties in 2011-12.
This donation was, however, lower than $3.66 million it had paid in 2009-10, when last general elections were held in the country. A company spokesperson did not reply to the queries. According to its annual reports, Vedanta has paid $8.29 million to the political parties since 2003-04, when it got listed on London Stock Exchange.

Above –Remote controlled ( by Vatican powered Italian Queen bee ) our weak PM Manmohan Singh ( he is a very good man personally ).

“The board believes that supporting the political process in India will encourage and strengthen the democratic process,” it said in its annual report for 2011-12.”–Oh, really? How nice!
Let us not forget , Tata Sons Electoral Trust was the first body set up by a business conglomerate in the country to formalise the process of donating money to the political parties. This Trust was in news immediately after the elections, when Union railway minister Mamata Banerjee declined a cheque of over Rs 27 lakh from the Trust.
The Bharti Electoral Trust, of Walmart  India, donates enormous amounts to the Congress by cheque.
Electoral trusts are created as pass-through vehicles for routing donations to political parties, and are approved by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Currently, 100% deduction is allowed only if donations are made directly to political parties .In 2003, India enacted a new law that made private donations to political parties easier.
This law allows contributions by private companies to political parties, with a maximum limit of 5% of their profits.  It also makes it mandatory for contributions to be made by cheque, and requires that parties audit their annual accounts and maintain a list of donors who give in excess of Rs 20,000 and submit this to the Election Commission.
Vedanta, which has emerged as THE mining and natural resources giant in last one decade, had reported revenues of over $14 billion during the last fiscal. Its subsidiaries include Sterlite Industries, Sesa Goa, Cairn India and Hindustan Zinc.
The total remuneration of Agarwal-saab , who holds over 56 per cent stake in the London Stock Exchange listed firm, stood at 1.731 million pounds in 2010-11. Rothschild managed banks are the financiers. At the Rothschild’s front webpage you can see — Recent M&A Deals – “US$8.5bn disposal of an up to 51% stake in Cairn India to Vedanta Resources.”
Vedanta is funded by more than 30 major (mainly Rothschild controlled)  banks and financial agencies including HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Axa, Royal Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse, J P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Banking Group, Nordea Bank, HSBC, ICICI, Citigroup, National Bank of Kuwait, ANZ and Merrill Lynch.
The University Superannuations Scheme (USS) pension fund, the Royal Bank ofScotland (RBS) and Cheshire, Suffolk, Wolverhampton and Leicestershire county council’s pension schemes hold large investments.  Recently the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, Martin Currie Investments, the Church of England, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Dutch Pension Fund PGGM have divested because of Vedanta’s ecological, and human rights crimes.
The UK’s Department for International Development (DfID) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) helped launch Vedanta on the London Stock Exchange and continues to support the company.

A bid by British mining giant Vedanta Resources to repair its tarnished international reputation has backfired after two major Bollywood celebrities withdrew from a film competition supposed to show the ‘happiness’ the company creates.

Renowned filmmaker Shyam Benegal and Bollywood actress Gul Panag were both part of a judging panel, which had until the end of this month to pick a winning film out of the 38 submitted.The objective of the competition was to show the ‘happiness’ Vedanta brings to local communities where it works.
The claim by Vedanta on their  website http://www. creating is the biggest  scam  of the century.As many as 38 films have been made by 114 students from 21 colleges. Vedanta had uploaded all films on its official YouTube channel.  Vedanta’s billboards hung out in the Indian forests sing “Mining happiness for the people of Orissa”.
For years people have been drinking, cooking, swimming and bathing in the red contaminated water and are dying of cancer and leukaemia, the children suffer from skin diseases and women suffer from spontaneous abortions. So much for happiness.

Vedanta have been recently voted as the ‘world’s most hated company’.
Vedanta’s involvement in the gigantic CAG report Coal scam is now rocking the government of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. The results of 2014 general elections , is a foregone conclusion.
Once we put a moratorium on Bauxite mining , the Maoist stranglehold over mineral-rich forest areas gets strangled. There should be a 15-year moratorium on new mining in the worst Naxal-affected areas, particularly those areas which have recently been liberated from Maoist control areas.
There is a need to re-establish the rule of law, the presence of the state and  improve governance and ensure steps are taken to prevent Naxalites from ever wielding power.Naxalites hold they sway in the “Red corridor”, where they control some 92,000 square kilometers of India.Some 30,000 armed cadre Naxalites were operating in addition to 60,000 regular cadres.
On April 6, 2010, in its biggest strike ever, the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) ambushed a CRPF company in Dantewada and killed 76 policemen.
Indians must shun these foreign funded Christian Trojan horses, who come in droves as good Samaritans.. A report of the Home Ministry showed that more than Rs10,000 crore was sent to India during 2009-2010, mostly from the USA and Europe to NGOs in India.
The report, approved by Union Home Secretary RK Singh in January 2012, revealed that major donors from abroad and receivers in India are Christian Missionaries and Church-sponsoredNGOs. “The list of foreign donors is topped by the Gospel For Asia Inc of the USA (Rs232.71crore) followed by Fundacion Vicente Ferrer, Barcelona, Spain (Rs228.60 crore) and the World Vision Global Centre of the USA (Rs197.62 crore),” said the report of Home Ministry on foreign contribution and regulation for the period of year 2009-2010.

Below: A child of Bharat Mata.

The United States contributes $145 billion repeat 145 Billion USD, for conversion efforts across the globe.Wikileaks revealed that the Indian Cabinet reshuffle of 2006 was done to install Pro-US ministers in power.
850 million people of India who live on less than twenty rupees a day, the tens of millions of malnourished children in our country, of the two million who die every year before they reach the age of five . Our women defecate in the open . 65 years after independence. But Queen bee found it necessary to give a largesse of 10 billion USD to Italy zone—nay—Euro zone, so that they can drink better premium wines.
Our corrupt UPA politicians keep asking on TV “ Why  don’t the Naxalites stand for elections?”

Recently when the Indian government held up Vedanta’s deal with Edinburgh based Cairn Energy by investigating Vedanta’s ability to manage strategic oil fields, UK government officials, briefed “over dinner”  by Cairn Energy, offered to “polish” and send a letter drafted by the company to the Indian Prime Minister to force the deal through.
David Cameron even personally intervened, urging India ( read as PM and Sonia Gandhi )  to speed up’unnecessary delays’. As a result the Indian government caved in and allowed a deal which handed some 30% of India’s crude oil for a fraction of its worth to this notorious corporate.

Below:  Kapil Sibal has introduced IT section 66, where the thief doing open robbery can sue the desh bhakt whistle blower for defamation .

Manmohan Singh worked in World Bank/IMF  ( both are Rothschild controlled ) before becoming Finance Minister and Prime Minister of India.   Similarly Chid, Pranab Mukherjee and Montek Singh Ahluwalia were former employees of World Bank & IMF.   In 1991 World when India needed a loan, the world bank agreed to give loan on condition .The condition was to install Finance Minister of its choice and that Rothschild stooge was Manmohan Singh.
For the uninitiated Jews Rothschild owned the British East India Company, who made Indians slaves. They are the world’s first organised drug runners. They grew Opium in India and sold it in China.
Wikileaks revealed that the Indian Cabinet reshuffle of 2006 was done to install Pro-US ministers in power.  Wiki Cables also refer to inclusion of Saifuddin Soz, Anand Sharma, Ashwani Kumar and Kapil Sibal ‘with strong pro-US credentials’.

An inquiry should be launched as to why such a huge quantity of high grade iron ore with high chromium content was sold to Japan at throw away rates over the years, using the Port of Paradip.  Most of this kick back money will be in Swiss  Bank accounts.

Essar Company has been looting the water resources of Bastar on a large scale since 2002.  The company has transporting 8 million tons of iron ore slurry through a 267 km long pipeline from Bailadila mines to Visakhapatnam. In order to save money on transportation costs Essar over consumed water to make slurry of Sankhini, Dankini and Sabari Rivers to wastefully flow into the Bay of Bengal. Due to this, the tribals faced water scarcity , and  ground water levels went down.  Private player Essar gains, but Indian railways loses.

Foreign funded Christians missionaries run most of the 4100 NGOs in India and most of them are involved in anti-national misinformation and conversion activities. Missionaries are injecting hatred for the nation, into the simple Adivasi minds.  Indian may soon end up becoming another Talibanised nation. We certainly can’t afford that.
Missionaries remove their collars and come as tourists  for conversion work in India . Christian missionaries are behind almost all the terrorism in the North-East India.
Brigadier B.K. Ponwar, the director of Chhattisgarh’s Counter-Terrorism and Jungle Warfare College, says the enemy is no longer a ragtag militia. It is now one of the world’s biggest and most sophisticated armed extreme-left movements, with material and intellectual guidance from the West.
If the Christian Naxalites of India were Muslim Naxalites in USA, they would be on the front page of every paper as a threat to the nation and the Americans would be bombing them.”
More than 70 Christian Missionary NGOs actively work for naxalites and are raising funds and recruiting people at various levels.













“For the tribals of Kalahandi, there is a soldier in Delhi named yours truly –nay– Rahul Gandhi… Your voice reached Delhi and you saved your land,” Rahul cries.
The least we talk about this the better, Yuvraj saab!
Sonia Gandhi and YuvRaj carry out the task of running the Department of Compassion and Dept of Charisma to win the 2014, elections.
Charm?– It is not gonna work.

US President Bush promised in USA Today on September 21, 2000, he would allocate $80 billion over 10 years in tax incentives to help US churches.  provide social services.  USAID ( which has a CIA link ) funds Christian NGOs in India .
Its  US trans-national Christian NGOs like World Vision and CARE are more involved in conversions to Christianity than development initiatives in India, which is just  a mere front.
CIA-supported missionaries are trined in counter-insurgency operations, fanning civil wars and being the  conduits for arms and armaments for Christian insurgent groups.

Excerpts for India : The Joshua Project, which aims to convert the whole world to Christianity, has a target to build a church in every zip-code , in covert co-operation with the CIA.
• 2,441 groups are primarily Hindu, totaling about 900,000,000 individuals.
• 511 groups are primarily Buddhist, totaling nearly 375,000,000 individuals.
• India has the largest number of ethnic people groups, 2,329 in the Joshua Project database. (The number of people groups in India varies greatly depending on the researcher and how the term “people group” is defined. Strictly linguistically there are about 330 – 350 “people groups” in India. Some suggest the 2,329 groups in the Joshua Project list should be sub-divided into groups by Indian state, producing a total of about 4,700). For further information, see the ethno-linguistic vs. ethnic discussion on the definitions page.

• In India, one people group (the Gond) speaks 78 languages. 1,402 groups (out of the total of 2,329) speak more than one language.

• One people group in India (Nai), has 70 alternate names. 4,000 of the over 16,000 total peoples-by-country have more than one alternate people name.

• There are four Hindu majority countries, of which three (India-$459, Nepal-$239, Guyana-$936) have GDP per capita less than $1,000 (1,100,000,000 individuals). None of the Hindu countries are identified as Developed.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Jesus directly links His return to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. While no one knows the date or time of His return, we do know that this gospel of the kingdom must be preached to all the nations first. Revelation 5:9 and 7:9-10 show that there will be some from every tribe, tongue, nation and people before the Throne.

etc etc



Below is a French writer– check out what he says as a neutral observer.


I accuse Sonia of having let her Christian and Western background, in four years, divide India on religious and caste lines in a cynical and methodical manner.

 I accuse Sonia of being an enemy of the Hindus, who always gave refuge to persecuted minorities, and who are the only people in the world to accept that God may manifest under different names, in different epochs, using different scriptures.

I’accuse Sonia of exploiting the Indian Press’ obsession with her. She hardly ever gave interview in 20 years, except scripted ones to NDTV, yet the Press always protects her, never blames her and keeps silent over her covert role. Nevertheless, she is a danger to India.

Her very presence, both physical and occult, open the doors to forces inimical to India. Even Indian Christians should understand that she is not a gift to them: 

her presence at the top has emboldened fanatics like John Dayal or Valson Thampu, who practise an orthodox Christianity prevalent in the West in the early 20th century, but no longer, to radicalise their flock.

Indian Christians should recognise that they have a much better deal here than Christians or Hindus have in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.

2nd Dec 2008 — Francois Gautier ( French writer , living in Inida for 42 years )


We all know what Vaiko is up to   –above

He is originally a Telugu Naidu .  He is now a converted Christian speaking Tamil ?

See his pictures in LTTE uniform with Prabhakaran ( the man who killed the Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi )and with US president Obama .

What is the catch?

Would President Obama meet him if he was a Muslim, Hindu or a Buddhist ?

The agents for the black slave trade in USA for Rothschild ( owner of British East India Company ) was JP Morgan.
In 1834, Rothschild prevailed upon Sir John Gladstone to replace African black slaves with Indian Indentured labour.

Never in the history of mankind has there been a saga of such greed and injustice — where more than 1.3 million innocent Indians were duped whole sale , given a life sentence , dumped in far flung corners of the planet and forgotten for ever.

Christian Missionaries were used deep in forests to lure tribals. 530000 Indians went to Guyana alone, while Mauritius had 350000 , Malaya 250000 and Trinidad had 150000 coolies.
And today we have Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have given the same Rothschild , a toe hold — nay– a drivers’s seat , by allowing FDI in multi-brand retail, FDI in insurance etc.


If Indian dalits want to know the real Maharishi Manu-
Punch into Google search-



Grace and peace!



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