On 19th April 1882 when Charles Darwin died he was given a state funeral and buried in West minister Abbey nearby Isaac Newton.

Excellent bed mates they make , I should say tongue in cheek. For both had taken this planet for a royal ride.

Darwin used Galapagos Islands and Patagonia , pretty much the same way Newton used the apple, to baffle the common man .


Hey — did you ever visit these dang islands?  Has a blessed apple ever fallen on your head?    then just shut up !!



This planet has suffered due to these two gentlemen.

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It is absurd that in the quantum DNA age , all schools still teach Darwin’s theory in school science books.

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Funny amazing diagrams of make believe missing link creatures–with NOT a single fossil among millions excavated to prove it.

Common ancestry, branching pattern of evolution, natural selection, mutations– BLAH BLAH.

Even a moron knows that survival is NOT of the “fittest” — but of the most “adaptable to change”.


Even a child in a third world country knows of the intelligent design by DNA – and he/she makes fun of the Darwin chapter in his science book.

In the Vedas of 5000 BC we have the Hiranygarba explaining the beginnings of life. The seers explained the indestructible double helix genetic code, which originate from Shiva. The intertwined snakes ( having sex ) are represented by this in our Shiva temples –the DNA double helix, base structure. .

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In fact Darwin did NOT dare to publish his bullshit for 20 years — only when he heard that another competitor naturalist Alfred Wallace was about to beat him to it and say the same thing– he published his book in haste.

And we are still clinging on to this obsolete book ” Origin of species ” — after 1.5 centuries.

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His grades were so poor that his father removed him from school .  His father , a wealthy society doctor and a free mason , wanted him to be a doctor, but young Charles would feel nauseated at the sight of body fluids.
He then went to study theology in preparation for priesthood.  He befriended a botanist by the name of JS Henslow who gave him a chance to take a 5 year cruise on the ship THE BEAGLE— and then — voila–  he declares himself as a naturalist
— how convenient!
The Captain of Beagle Fitzroy had remarked that Darwin went ashore for long periods at every opportunity , more to have his feet on terra firma.
He used to get terribly seasick even in moderate seas , and the small ship Beagle used to roll and pitch badly .
Out of the 5 long years he was supposed to be on board, he was actually on the ship only for 16.5 months. He had to keep himself occupied while the ship took off leaving him alone , with a couple of sailors to keep an eye on him. His sea sickness bouts while on ship, had made him irrational.
He was left on Patagonia to recover , as once he vomitted for 27 consecutive days, as per the medical log of Capt Fitzroy.
Darwin loved Galapagos, as the seas around the coast was calmer. .

He wrote 1/4 million words about this collection, by June 18th 1858– do you have an idea what 250000 words mean?.  OCD at its highest!

After his sea sojourn on The Beagle,  Darwin dazzled and baffled Britain with his sacks of goodies–containing –hold your breath–  5436 pathetic items.  Literally the collections of a paranoid man

Parrot fish in spirit, pigeon skins, dried beatles, stuffed armadillos, sloth fossils, coral fragments, parched mosses, litchens, dead finches , live mocking birds, even barnacles– and all his Free Mason friends cried WOW!  You name it , he produced it from his goodie bag!!
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The goodies were enough for him to get admission to exclusive scientific societies and rub shoulders with eminent scientists — as the ultimate naturalist–as planned by his Free Mason sponsors!

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I can bet that in another decade, Charles Darwin and his theory will be removed from science curriculum of all schools and colleges.

Is his theory , science by any stretch of imagination?

Where thief Darwin gets caught with his pants down is when he wrote that elephants pass the mirror test , without conducting such a test on a elephant himself. It is written in our Vedic records of 5000 BC about the double slit experiment consciousness of elephants, and how they recognise the mirror image. This is reason why elephants are seen in all Hindu temples.

Read more about quantum DNA in my blog “ DNA NASA Arsenic Phosphorus – Vadakayil ” ( put it in google search ).

Another pretender like Darwin was Max Mueller who claimed to have translated Indian vedas from Sanskrit to English , when he did not understand Sanskrit at all. He had a group of Indian Pandits working secretly for him. He put Rig Veda in 1500 BC ( on orders from Vatican via Macaulay ) , while actually it was written in 5000 BC. The Vedic civilization flourished on the banks of river Saraswati from 9000 BC to 4000 BC, when suddenly the river dried up due to tectonic plate shift blocking the Himalayan glacial mouth, making the river non-perennial and rain dependant.

Here is something for Darwin fans to chew on. There is an enzyme in our body called DNA polymerase. It is an accurate enzyme and guardian keeper of our genetic information. It syntheses strands and does DNA repair too.

Evolution in life is based on DNA mutations. If cells could reproduce DNA and shield it from damage in a foolproof manner, our planet would be still covered by a thin layer of protocells.  It is the occasional mutation which adds diversity to life.

This can cause cancer too, as occasionally a key protein is modified– if our cells cannot control mutation. To see some fancy pictures punch into google search AGENT ORANGE ,THE BIGGEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ,VADAKAYIL.

Why do Darwinists claim that intelligent design is untestable, and simultaneously claim that it is wrong?” — Michael Egnor, neurosurgeon, February 5th 2009

First of all, I love science. I think that the way that Darwinism corrupts the evidence, distorts the evidence, is bad for science.” — Jonathan C. Wells, molecular biologist, 2008
“[Darwinism is] a kind of amusing 19th century collection of anecdotes that is utterly unlike anything we see in the serious sciences. … Yeah, biologists do agree that this is the correct theory for the origin and diversification of life, but here are some points you should consider as well: 1) the theory doesn’t have any substance, 2) it’s preposterous, 3) it’s not supported by the evidence and 4) the fact that the biologists are uniformly in agreement about this issue could as well be explained by some solid Marxist interpretation of their economic interests.” — David Berlinski, author, 2008
“In the fabric of space and in the nature of matter, as in a great work of art, there is, written small, the artist’s signature.” — Carl E. Sagan, professor, 1985

“Darwinism is not a testable scientific theory, but a metaphysical research programme.” — Karl Popper, Philosopher 1976.


Probabilities that DNA could evolve by ‘random mutation’ are so minute as to be utterly laughable–akin to the idea that if you have enough monkeys tapping away on typewriters, one of them will eventually produce a complete masterpiece  Shakespearean play.”—David Wilcock _ Scientist, Psychic


Charles Darwin’s entire family were Free Masons , starting off with his grandfather Dr. Erasmus Darwin.  Charles married his cousin from Wedgewood Rothschild style.  All his friends were Freemasons too.
It has always been the wish of the Rothschild family to portray the John Galt method of Atlas Shrugged—about natural selection and HOW IT IS NATURAL FOR THE STRONG TO RULE OVER THE WEAK.—or why the fit must rule over the unfit.
The poor could be sent to the gallows or sold as slaves, just for cutting a tree for firewood, or getting branded as a petty thief , for of a slice of bread for his starving children..
It was about eliminating God from the equation, and making society accept a slave master system. For being successful he was buried in Westminster Abbey along with the kings.
This is why public debate on Darwinism is prohibited.

Darwinists do NOT want to discuss DNA, nor do they know anything about it..

Charles Darwin was nothing more than a bitter racist. In his book published in 1871, “Descent of Man”, he is quoted as saying, “Civilized man shouldn’t allow the inferior populations to breed like animals”.

Consider this amazing fact.  The ancient Vedic Maharishis as far back as 8000 years old, knew of the degeneration of the Y chromosome of the human DNA.   In India marriage between same gotras ( lineage ) is banned. Honor killings take place in India with a rigid Khap village justice system.
The Gotra system was designed to track down the root Y Chromosome of a person . The ancient Vedic Rishis had observed the degeneration of the Y Chromosome and they wanted to maintain as many individual healthy unique Y Chromosome lineages as possible. That would give a fair chance for males to continue to exist because Y Chromosomes get passed on over generations with almost negligible change in their genetic combinations, as they do not take part in mix and match with other Chromosome.
Men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome while women have two X chromosomes. DNA swapping happens between a pair of chromosomes, and since the Y chromosome doesn’t have a pair, it can’t swap DNA. So patterns stick around for a long time
It is about his attempt to delete God !!
– for Jewish created Communism says , there aint NO God!!!
To prove that Free Mason Charles Darwin is right that god did NOT create man, false evidence had to be created , exported , imported and manufactured about human evolution( sic!). 
It was necessary to find Darwin’s missing link between ape and man— and baffle the spiritual world..
Enter EVIL pseudo jesuit father Tielhard de Chardin.
This man was a fake Christian padre, and a stooge of Rothschild.
He was a trained Geologist and he scouted all over China looking for the missing link — but actually secretly charting China’s abundant reserves of minerals and natural resources for Rothschild to grab.
Can you imagine what I am talking about here?
A FAKE Peking man and a Piltdown man –as  “missing Darwin links” was manufactured to fool the world.
Father Tielhard de Chardin would first find the Piltdown Man — the missing link from a gravel pit at Piltdown, East Sussex, England in 1912.
This immoral man fooled the world with  a  super paleoanthropological hoax.
 The Piltdown man skull was constructed with the  lower jawbone of an orangutan with filed down teeth, deliberately combined with the skull of a fully developed modern human.  He faked the appearance of age by staining the bones with an iron solution and chromic acid.
The Piltdown man was to represent an evolutionary missing link between apes and humans, since the combination of a human-like cranium with an ape-like jaw tended to support the notion then prevailing in the West  that human evolution began with the brain.

He would also fool the whole Western world with great funda on Consciousness, Spirit, Mind over Matter etc—all lifted from the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, without any understanding.
In December 1929, in a cave near Peking,  our Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin would uncover a prehuman bones — again.
The Rothschild monopolized media sang the praises of this fake discovery , Peking Man and  acclaimed this as the missing link between erect hunting apes and our Cro-Magnon ancestors.

“Peking Man,”was a just a pathetic  and crude use of monkey bones he had modified to look “human”.
– yeah- everything evolved by science, the way Freemason Charles Darwin said, with lot of missing links (using crazy glue or LOCTITE ) between monkey and man lying around.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin spent the years 1923-1946 in China.  Rothschild has provided him with a fleet of French cars.
Peking Man was “discovered” (sic!)  in China, in the 1920s.   The fossils, found about 25 miles from Peking (Beijing), consisted mostly of skull fragments and few teeth, with even fewer limb bones. 
All of the original bones were mysteriously “lost” between 1941 and 1945— may be our Frenchman shoved all of them up his a$$.
But hey, our fraudman man Teilhard cleverly made some duplicate casts which Rothschild’s media claimed was made from the original.
The truth surrounding Peking Man was kept from the public, while Rothschild controlled evolutionists acclaimed it as a “missing link.”
Teilhard participated in the 1935 Yale–Cambridge expedition in northern and central India with the geologist Helmut de Terra and Patterson— and this was the time he gathered material for his “original” consciousness discoveries and his weird and stupid proses on Christ Omega, who was “beyond Christianity  — ze Universal Christ.  
He really murdered the Hindu advaita concept of BrahmAn, the morphogenetic field— as he did NOT have the perception to understand it.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin died in New York City on March 15, 1955, at the age of 73, after a heart attack.
The Rothschild controlled media like New York Times in March 19, 1937 presented Teilhard as the Jesuit who held that man descended from monkeys. 
Was the Pope sleeping ?
Then in 1947 Vatican suddenly woke up.  The Pope forbade Teilhard to write or teach on philosophical subjects.
The Supreme Authority of the Holy Office, in a decree dated 15 November 1957, forbade the works of de Chardin to be retained in libraries, including those of religious institutes. His books were not to be sold in Catholic bookshops and were not to be translated in other languages.
A decree of the Holy Office dated 30 June 1963, under the authority of Pope John XXIII warned that “. . . it is obvious that in philosophical and theological matters, the said works (de Chardin’s) are replete with ambiguities or rather with serious errors which offend Catholic doctrine.
The Vicariate of Rome (a diocese ruled in the name of Pope Paul VI by his Cardinal Vicar) in a decree dated 30 September 1963 , required that Catholic booksellers in Rome should withdraw from circulation the works of de Chardin, together with those books which favour his erroneous doctrines.



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