By Francois Gautier
(received through email)

Indians often rave about how India is shining and sparkling. Yet,nobody seems to note that today, in India at least, we live in a world of the politically correct where truth is often a casualty and untruths take on scintillating forms. If one looks a little closely at what’s happening, we will find India has never been in such great danger of losing its identity, of forfeiting what makes it special – indeed, unique – amongst all the nations in the world.

Indians are getting divided and subdivided: Instead of feeling Indians first, they feel they are Muslims first, or Dalits first or Christians first. This is a very dangerous trend because it spells the death of the minimum unified nationalistic pride, which alone takes a country forward.

Indians today take pride in melting abroad, or adopting a ‘secular’ creed, which basically makes them soulless and identity-less, however brilliantly they may ape the West. There is also increasing Christianisation taking place in India – virtually half of the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu have converted to Christianity after the tsunami, to give just one example. Conversion to Islam, too, is going on at an alarming rate..

Marxism poses another kind of threat: The Congress-led UPA Government has placed its Communist fellow travellers in major academic posts, universities, and curriculum committees. It will take a decade to dislodge them and correct the untruths they have introduced into the textbooks. Then, Americanisation in the name of globalisation is going on at full tilt. It can stifle the soul of the country with the connivance of advertisers, the Government and greedy entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the shocks of invasions that India went through historically, there has always been syncretism among Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian andJihadicommunities. The ordinary Jammu & Kashmir or the Christian in Kerala, even if he thought that his or her God was the only true one, had understanding and respect for the age-old Indian culture. Reverence for women, respecting others’ festivals and customs, harmony with one’s neighbours were the hallmarks. Today, thanks to the pernicious policy of caste and religion-based reservation, everyone are taking things for granted.

What makes India special is its spirituality. The knowledge that there is life after death, the understanding of the various subtle plans above the mind, the ancient wisdom on reincarnation, dharma, karma, jnana, maya and, above all, the acceptance of God as an ethical and moral absolute, and that he manifests himself at different times under different names, is the greatest contribution of Hinduism to humanity.

This is the knowledge that humanity needs in the 21st century if it does not want to continue hurtling towards catastrophe as it is doing now. The world’s two major so-called monotheistic religions, whose adherents still believe that only their God is true, and that the rest must be converted through guile and financial baits, is a medieval attitude to religion.

Some suggest that all this is because Indians have a slavish mindset. That may not be true. Still, the question must be asked: How is it possible that a nation of a billion people, with some of the best brains on this planet, allows itself to be governed by patently divisive and dangerous policies that the current UPA dispensation is following?

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