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Dilip Raote, a science writer has an interesting perspective on what we may term as “mythological” might turn out to be sophisticated reality here

What about mythology, a field ridiculed by Western scientists as extravagant fantasy? Science fiction becomes quickly redundant, but mythology has survived for thousands of years and will continue into the distant future. Why?

According to Western beliefs, there was no science in the ancient past. Therefore, there cannot be science fiction. This is ridiculous fundamentalism. Ancient civilisations built awesome pyramids, temples, palaces, fortresses, planned cities with water supply and plumbing. They had agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, trade by land or sea routes, coinage, art, doctors and medicine and surgery, astrologers, transport systems, science of warfare and weapons and armour, kitchenware and the art of cooking which required judging the chemical consequences of food items.

All this could not have been possible without an understanding of maths, physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, botany, astronomy, design and manufacture of complex tools. There were no science journals then where these ideas could be written in “proper” scientific form. The ancients were not interested in theory, but in the down-to-earth application of ideas. The ancients were lateral-thinking practical people.

Mythology has flying humans, invincible armour, mind-controlled weapons, flying machines, spaceships and space warfare, colonies on other planets, submarine cities, talking trees and animals, wormholes through which deities did instant travel over long distances, parallel universes, mass manufacture of babies (100 Kauravas), robots and artificial intelligence, fetus learning (Abhimanyu and Ashtavakra), futurology, telepathy, environmental concerns, and much more. If the ancients didn’t have science how did they conceive these ideas, some of which can be implemented now and some are still in the distant future? If modern science fiction writers and sci-tech specialists cannot think more than 20 years ahead, how did the ancients think in terms of thousands of years? It is an awesome mystery that requires serious scientific investigation.

Are mythologies memories of a very distant past which ended with a catastrophe on Earth? Only small groups of humans survived. Deprived of all science and technology, they started the evolutionary process again some 20,000 years ago. But their memories of the glorious ancient past were transmitted from generation to generation until they could be written down as what is now called mythology. Ridiculous idea? Where is the archaeological evidence of this past? Well …

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