On two different occasions within a two-week period Satish Kumar and his dedicated men of Gau Raksha Dal Punjab intercepted two trucks headed for a slaughterhouse in Agra and safely located the oxen they carried in goshallas in the Vraja Mandala area.The first truck carried twentyeight healthy Kangrej oxen and the second one carried twenty full size and healthy desi oxen.

The two trucks and crewmembers were turned over to the Mathura and Chatta police stations where they were booked for illegal transportation of kine.

Satish Ji has successfully put an end to illegal transportation of cows in Punjab and is now training others how to stop it in other states. He has found much support in the Vrindavana area and is organizing to expand his activities along the Delhi-Agra highway where reportedly many trucks illegally carry kine to illegal slaughterhouses in Agra and the surrounding area.The captured trucks were new ten and twelvewheelers and were identified as carrying livestock as they displayed certain movements not characteristic of vehicles carrying stationary goods.The oxen were packed in tightly and each was restrained by a nose harness. Though it is not accurately known, it is suspected that the oxen had to endure this tortuous treatment for more than thirty hours.

One of the trucks had two men riding in the compartment with the oxen and among their possessions was found syringes and tranquilizing drugs to keep the oxen sedated during travel.

An extensive network is forming of men who are trained to identify vehicles carrying livestock. When one is spotted, they call ahead to others who prepare a police roadblock to intercept the illegal transporters.
On one of the operations in Chatta, just twenty kilometers from Vrindavan, the butcher truck penetrated the roadblock and fled but two heroic go-sevaksrisked their lives by climbing on top while two others sped ahead on a motorcycle to prepare another roadblock. A few kilometers ahead the motorcycle team convinced another truck driver to block the highway with
his vehicle.

The two butchers riding among the oxen drew their knives and attempted to stab the go-sevaks who were riding on the canvas covering above the oxen while the driver swerved and swayed the truck at ninety kilometers perhour in the attempt to throw the go-sevaks off. Several members of Gau Raksha Dal followed behind in their vehicles along with the

When confronted with the second impenetrable roadblock the butchers abruptly stopped and fled on foot into the fields of buckwheat bordering the highway. After a heated chase through muddy fields, the butchers were apprehended and turned over to the police who transported them and the truck back to Chatta.

Satish ji then called his Vrindavan contacts and arranged go-sevaks cheered as each handsome ox was unloaded and escorted to the goshalla where fresh food and water awaited them. It appears that only one of the oxen was injured while being transported. for the safe delivery of the oxen to a goshalla near Chatta. The The first operation began at 2:00 p.m. and the rescued oxen were not unloaded safely until 10:00 p.m. Despite the fact that the butchers took special care to conceal the oxen in their new truck still the expert members of Gau Raksha Dal were able to detect that the truck was illegally transporting livestock. Assisted by the Mathura Police the suspected truck was stopped and an inspection from on top of the compartment revealed the truck carried twenty-eight magnificent Kangrej oxen.

The dedicated work of the Gau Raksha Dal Punjab has the potential to restore Bharat to its former glory. All go-bhaktas must do their best to support them in all ways possible.

Source: Careforcows.org

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