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All are kindly requested to invite your family members, friends & colleagues to the upcoming 5 day long India Rising festival 2015 being held from 14th to 18th January 2015 in Ghatkopar (also known as the Ghatkopar Rathyatra festival) and thus, give them an opportunity to experience & appreciate various aspects of the Indian Civilization.



The events on each day are as follows:


14th Jan - UDAAN - Celebrating the spirit of rising with traditional Kite flying (3 pm - 6 pm), Uttarayan festivities by various communities, including Haldi Kumkum and Pongal(5 pm-6.30 pm) & Stage Events in honour of Gomata, Ganga & Gita from 7 pm to 9 pm. Talks and Convention in presence of HG Gauranga Prabhu, HG Govinda Prabhu and Mukesh Khanna (Serial actor best known for his portrayal in Shaktimaan and as Bhisma in B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat)


If you would like to participate in the ‘Fly a Kite’ festival, kindly sms 7666906666.


15th Jan - DHAROHAR - Saluting the Unsung Heroes of Bharat - 7 pm onwards, Jawans and Kisans. NCC Parade by 4 Battalions, Dedication Speech to Jawans by Gen. G D Bakshi & Farmers Market(Organic Food at your doorstep), Popatrao Pawar (Ex Director, Maharashtra Model Village Development programme)


If you want to assist in ‘Namaste Jawan: Honor Unsung Heroes’ or ‘Samruddha Kissan’, kindly sms 7666906666


16th Jan - KALAALAYA - The art beat of India-An Avenue for the Appreciation of Indian Arts & Artisans. Traditional art performances in fields of Music, Live Painting, Yoga and Kalaripayattu(martial arts taught by Lord Parshuram and Agastya Rsi) (7 pm to 10 pm) with talks by Celebrities- Saurabh Jain(acted as Krishna in latest Mahabharata Series) & Juhi Chawla.


For any assistance in Kalaalaya kindly sms 8237732569 / 9819020494


17th Jan - RATHOTSAVAM - Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra in Ghatkopar & Tilak Nagar from 2 pm to 6 pm. Evening Celebrations from 7 pm to 9 pm include esteemed presence of Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis and H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj. Launch of Hunger Free Mumbai Campaign to feed Underprivileged and Malnourished population of Mumbai.


For bhoga and Rath seva sms 7666906666


18th Jan - BHARAT GAATHAA - Celebrating India as the land of Firsts and its epic influence on the world. From 7 pm onwards, Dance Ballet on ‘Serve Earth and Save Water’ and Ecstatic Kirtans make the highlight of last day.


SMS Sandeep Shetty 9892130414 for any services you would like to render in Bharat Gaathaa







This year’s festival comes with a lot of opportunities to learn and develop some great useful skills. Let’s connect with the learner inside us! and get a hands on experience of several life changing skills and also rethink what we have already learned.


The following is the list of workshops being held over the 5 days.


14 Jan 7-9 pm Topic: Svabhav Vigyan, by  Vikrant Urankar from IA Vedic

14 Jan 8-9 pm Topic: Organic Farming, by  Ashok Dande (freelancer)

14 Jan 8-9 pm Topic: Relationships in Ramayan, by  Shubha Vilas Das from ISKCON


15 Jan 7-9 pm Topic: Svabhava Vigyan, by  Vikrant Urankar from IA Vedic

15 Jan 7-8 pm Topic: Bharat ka Gauravshali Ateet – Vartaman aur Bhavishya, by  Dilipji Kelkar from Punurutthan Vidyapith

15 Jan 7-8 pm Topic: Organic Farming, by  Ashok Dande (freelancer)

15 Jan 8-9 pm Topic: From a Nation of Craftsmen and Traders to Clerks, Security Guards and Sepoys, by  Lata Shenava (Independent Education Professional)


16 Jan 7-9 pm Topic: Making of short films, by Ritesh from My First Films

16 Jan 7-8 pm Topic: Pranayama and Health, by  Vishwas Pathak (Yoga Teacher)

16 Jan 7-8 pm Topic: Sampoorna Earth, by  Debartha Banerjee from Sampoorna Earth Environment Solutions

16 Jan 8-9 pm Topic: Cellphone Radiation, Awareness and Safety, by  Prof. Girish Kumar (freelancer)

16 Jan 8-9 pm Topic: Ayurveda and Lifestyle, by  Dr. Srinivas Devkar (freelancer)


17 Jan 5-6 pm Topic: Relevance of Epics – Part 1, by  Govinda Das from ISKCON

17 Jan 5-6 pm Topic: Lokasangrah and Svadharma – The Future of Capitalism, by  Prof. Ashish Pandey from IIT Bombay

17 Jan 5-6 pm Topic: From Celebration of Feminine to Enslavement of the Feminine, by  Lata Shenava (Independent Education Professional)

17 Jan 6-7 pm Topic: Ayurveda and Modern Medicine – Competition or Cooperation, by  Dr. Sanjay Pisharodi (freelancer)

17 Jan 6-7 pm Topic: Use of Kerosene in Water Conservation, by  Ulhas Paranjape from Jalvardhini


18 Jan 5-6 pm Topic: Ayurveda for Lifestyle Management and Mental Health, by  Nirmal Chandara Das from BhaktiVedanta Hospital

18 Jan 5-6 pm Topic: Leadership Lessons from Ramayan, by  Shubha Vilas Das from ISKCON

18 Jan 5-6 pm Topic: Corporate Chanakya – leadership lessons from Kautilya’s Arthashastra, by  Radhakrishna Pillai from CIPL

18 Jan 6-7 pm Topic: Indian Financial and Economic Model, by  Prof. Varadraj Bapat from IIT Bombay

18 Jan 6-7 pm Topic: Relevance of Epics – Part 2, by  Govinda Das from ISKCON

18 Jan 6-7 pm Topic: Organic Farming, by  Ashok Dande (freelancer)


Register for the workshops at and spread the word.




KALAHAAT: Authentic Indian Art & Craft Shopping Bazaaar. Come and witness the display of handicrafts from all across India put up in over 80 stalls {Everyday 3 PM TO 10 PM}


FARMERS MARKET: Organic Food Choices available from 5 PM TO 10 PM




Venue: Sahyadri Grounds, Tilak Nagar, Chembur.


Nearest Railway stations: Tilak Nagar (Harbour line), Vidya Vihar / Ghatkopar (Central line).


For posters and pamphlets contact 7666096666


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Warm Regards

India Rising Team

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