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We were one of the fastest growing economies till a few years ago. We were called a ‘Lumbering elephant’. The GDP growth touching double digit, India soon became a melting point of corporate honchos. We were growing economy according to the economist but the reality was far from what has been projected in the last decades.

We are plagued by water scarcity, with more and more villages in tribal areas being denied drinking water.

Every second family in tribal-dominated district of Kandhamal travel more than 0.5 km to fetch drinking water. Pollution of water resources is another major concern which is affecting the water supply as well as human health conditions..  It is reported that over 70% of the water consumed by rural population in India does not meet the WHO standards. We have seen most of the deaths reported are directly linked to unsafe water.

In order to provide clean drinking water we are planning to rollout 1000  pieces of TATA swatch smart purifier to the villagers of Sambalpur, Odisha. The details can be found in the attached catalogs. Recently Australian Prime minister on her visit to India praised India for launching TATA swatch purifier. TATA Swatch represents a great change in the affordability of drinking water for rural India.  It would be life-changing for the people in the targeted regions (again, specifically areas like Sambalpur, Africa).

If you are willing to contribute, please mail me your consent I will provide you the  details.

P.S- Proper money receipts will be forwarded to the concerned donors and also the photographs with utilization certificate from the head of institutions.


Sambit Tripathi


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