By Mohit Vijay

Evil Christian Evangelisation
ORISSA VISION-2020 is a Saturation Church Planting programme of India Evangelistic Association. India Evangelistic Association is an indigenous faith ministry working in Orissa since 1984. The primary vision of IEA is to reach the Unreached People Groups and Areas and plant churches among them. IEA is a member mission of India Missions Association.

Strategy of Orissa Vision-2020
This is the most important part of ORISSA VISION-2020. As of today there are 1384 PIN Code areas in the ORISSA. All the People Groups, unreached villages, cities and towns, colleges & schools, hospitals, Police Stations, municipalities are situated in these PIN Code areas. Therefore if all the 1384 PIN Codes are reached with the gospel the entire ORISSA State will be reached. Each PIN Code consists of 5-6 villages and incase of towns or cities there are 5-6 localities. However, out of 1384 PIN Code areas about 1,000 PIN Code areas are unreached. This strategy aims at saturation church planting in every village/locality of each PIN Code area.

By AD 2020 every village and locality of every city / town will have a church, which means there will be 50,000 churches. Each Church planter will be responsible to establish 4/5 churches in his assigned PIN Code area.

Partnership Invited:
This gigantic task cannot be accomplished single handedly by a single mission / church. Therefore we invite like-minded missions/ churches / organizations / families and foundations to join hands with us. Each mission/ church / family/ foundation can adopt one or more PIN Code areas in partnership with IEA. They can support a church planter at the rate of Rs.3,000/- (for family) and Rs.2,500/- (single person). Once a congregation is established, IEA will handover the same to the sponsoring partner agency/church/mission, after 3 /4 years.

The partner agency or sponsoring body will provide a bicycle and a radio. Bicycle will be the main transportation to move around in the villages for the gospel worker. He will also look for opportunity to gather people in small groups to listen to gospel programmes in radio daily. This will be one time gift.The issue is that the areas in Orissa that are still left out from the reach of Christianity, are the tribal areas, such as Khandhmal.Most of the tribals are classified as hindus. It is these people that are going to be targeted by these missionaries.

The saturation church planting therefore is planned in tribal areas, which are supposed to be not sold to non-tribals as per govt rules. So the gospel workers try other means, such as misrepresenting themselves as tribals,forging certificates, encroaching land, etc.It is such manipulations and encroaching of land by christian pana people,displacing the tribal community of Kandhamal, that resulted in gunning down of Swami Lakshmananda by maoists in the pay of christian missionaries and the subsequent backlash by Kandhamal in 2008.Rs 3000/- and 2500/- go a lot of way in the tribal areas of Orissa, wherepeople do not see that much cash together ever in their lives.A usual tactic of these people is to start their preachings by the roadside,then slowly build a temporary shed, which will later sprout a cross, and transform itself into a church. The govt land is thus encroached.

No anti-encroachment driving politician will ever touch such illegal structures.But when such tactics are played out in tribal areas, it is the tribal lands and it is tribals that are affected, who do not always take it kindly.Another issue is that christian converts automatically lose their claims to reservation under ST quota. To avoid that, converts call themselves hindu ST on paper, and enjoy the reservation benefits, even as they get financial benefits from multinational evangelical funds, as well as enjoy the benefit of extensive social network that church organisations possess. (Kodikunnil Suresh MP was recently disqualified by Kerala High Court for this trick).This creates resentment among the actual tribals, who lose out on jobs and economic status to the converted christians.Result is fissures in society, destruction of tribal lands, culture, and killing of people.

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