My dear Muslim brothers, we are on a special junction of time where we can take our history back in future. Within a couple of weeks the Delhi election is going to happen and the Muslims brothers there are supporting Aam Aadmi Party, a new face of our Muslim politics in India after Congress backstabbed the Muslims. Congress of course gives Muslim brothers special benefits but not enough in amount and speed for their actual cause because of reasons that is beyond the scope of this post. Aam Aadmi Party is just the new face of Islamic politics in Endia and it will lead to complete Islamization of the nation. AAP has a pro-Pakistan and pro-Islam strategies and it implements it within its capabilities and domain. It supports the Kashmiri freedom fighters like Yasin Malik, it bashed the Endian state terrorist police Mohan Chandar Sharma in Batla House encounter, it’s members are pro-Azadi in Endian occupied Kashmir. Recently it heavily demonized BJP (Most anti-Pakistan and nationalist Endian party) and linked it to the masterminds of Muzafarnagar riots in Endia which no party could do as boldly as them. AAP won my faith when it collaborated with Maulana Taukeer, a respected Maulana and a true soldier of Allah who has reportedly shown the status of the enemies of Islam in the battlegrounds of Muzafarnagar.
The flag of Islam waved in Delhi with the help of good Hindus like Jay Chand (Allah bless him) in 12th century by the hand of Mohammed Ghauri against Prithviraj Chauhan. Now time has come again. If you want to see once again the victory of Islam in Delhi (first the heart and then entire India), then you can donate them. There is a donation page in AAP website where you can donate to them. In the country box you have to select your nation (in our case Pakistan) and then follow the donation process. Well I am by political nationality an Endian, but I am a true Muslim and above the nationalism, my identity is Islam. As I have Indian passport, I gave my Endian passport number but how could you? No worries, the passport number for India you can give any alphabet followed by seven digits. For example P7860786. It is a deliberate security breach and it doesn’t even bother about matching the passport number and name on it. One of my Arab friend said he constantly donates AAP, its working. Then you can donate them using your debit or credit card.
I am from Endia and it is my duty to help my brothers there so I have donated Rs. 45000 INR, that is in Pakistan my two months’ salary. You can donate at least Rs. 100 INR, well that would cut your budget for a day in the KFC of Gulshan-e-Iqbal with your girlfriend but it will be a great help to the cause of Islam and Allah with his angels will bless you, history will mind that you were participant in establishing the political undercover flag of Islam in Delhi. Please share this link
Please go to the donation link for AAP here: and follow the procedure shown in the picture. When your transaction will be complete you shall get a SUCCESS MESSAGE and a TRANSACTION ID. I had a hard time while donating to AAP because I am not that much tech-savvy and so when I donated, with the help of my nephew I have screenshot this for your convenience. Follow the method divided by phase. Thanks Masood Khan Navabi Photo

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