What are the necessary ingredients of an Indian communist?

  • Is it the disgust for the status quo? Yes
  • Is it the disrespect for the state machinery? Yes
  • Is it the art of decking oneself up in Khaddar Kurtas and cotton sarees? Yes
  • Is it the art of carrying matching jholas (sling bags)? Yes
  • Do they need to hate the Hindus? Yes, they do
  • Do they need to hate other religions? No no, not at all
  • Do they need to hate the BJP and the RSS? Of course
  • Should they be a part of an NGO? Well yes, but own one preferably
  • Should they be a part of a revolutionary publication? Yes
  • Should they stereotype men while fighting for women’s rights? Yes
  • Should their alma mater be Jawaharlal Nehru University? Hell! Yeah
  • Should they loathe Modi? Yes…very very very important.

So Meet Kavita Krishnan, a true communist Krantikari who never got her fair share in the market of cheap profile-raising. While her contemporaries like Teesta Setalvad, Mallika Sarabhai and Arundhati Roy went on to become legends, she remained an unknown face for long in spite of possessing all the above mentioned radical traits. Oh! You doubt her credentials. You shouldn’t, read on:

  • Krantikari Publication: Kavita Krishnan is the editor of ‘Liberation’, the monthly publication of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (CPI-ML)
  • Krantikari NGO: Kavita Krishnan is the Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA)
  • Education and early activism: Kavita Krishnan joined the Jawaharlal Nehru University where she earned her Masters degree and was elected Joint Secretary of the Students’ Union in 1995
  • Her view about Hinduism: In Kavita ji’s words “The only political thought in my mind was that I was against the construct of a women’s identity propagated by the BJP and the ABVP.” She said that even on the campus their idea was padhiye Gita, baniye Sita (read the Gita, become like Sita). “Their idea of a Hindu nation defined the role and place of a woman very strictly”. Yes true and Hijab is liberation. Polygamy is coolness.
  • Her views about BJP: In her own words “I won’t put it in terms of ‘politics’ hijacking the movement, rather as a case of sexist/misogynist politics (like that of Ramdev and BJP/Sangh Parivar, known for their moral policing) trying (and failing as yet) to hijack a movement to deflect its focus.” . She uttered these golden words while expressing her opinion about the Nirbhaya anti rape protests in Delhi.
  • Her views about Rape laws in India: Again in the words of Kavita Krishnan, “The Bill has major flaws and serious problems. For instance, it makes sexual assault or rape a ‘gender-neutral’ crime — this means that a man can accuse a woman of rape. It has a clause for punishing ‘false complaints’ by women.” Of course whenever there is a case of rape, the man should be hanged immediately. Because logic is a silly little thing.https://twitter.com/kavita_krishnan/status/615190596408348672

Her tweets got re-tweeted but could never create an impact. Her activism got her some fame but never the credibility that she truly deserved and then she did this:


And look at her now she is now inducted in the elite club of communist krantikaris. The brand Modi sells in India and if you happen to hate Mr. Modi, you become a trustworthy intellectual immediately. I take this tweet as Kavita Krishnan ‘s desperate attempt to get some authority and become a notice worthy name in the stinking drain infested with communist worms. This is not the first time, Kavita ji jibed on Modi and this probably will go down in history as her best attempt till date. Good job there!

We may choose to shake our heads in despair and feel sad about the sinking levels of criticism in India, the rampant verbal diarrhea, and the malicious intentions of the self-styled activists or we may choose to ignore this third grade, two bit, muttonhead activist. But there is one thing that we just cannot ignore. And that is the sheer hypocrisy of these activists. Modi started Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao movement. Modi launched the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. Modi made #SelfieWithDaughter trend no.1 worldwide. And here is an activist calling him a lecher. Tch tch tch…

Read is Modi a Misogynist?

Anyways, Commie interns and freshers, congrats….you got a new mentor. Kavita Krishnan – Another writhing worm in the stinking drain of communism.http://www.thefrustratedindian.com/political/kavita-krishnan/

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