Social Crusaders should stick to what they do best. The assumption that a crusader who attains political prowess and becomes the ruler is the silver bullet , the ultimate aim of democracy is just that – an assumption, which has always been proven wrong.What the capital city witnessed last week is an example of how commonplace the entire establishment looks when a person occupying the CMs chair resorts to crusaderesque rhetoric. His law minister Somnath Bharati resorted to hooliganism that would put the badlands in the hinterland to shame. And now these pack of jokers are eyeing power at the center in the forthcoming general elections.

One of the blessings, amongst the few that this nation has had in recent centuries, is that her people have been able to keep the reds at bay – apart from the perpetually confused states of Bengal and Kerala where a leftist tilt is seen as an affirmation of intellectualism – however perverted. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is nothing but repackaged communism.

One prominent aspect of the so called leftist is that they abhor anything that has to do with religion. Well, if that a view so be it. One must respect everyone’s take on life. However, what one cannot understand is that the hatred is pronounced when it comes to Sanatan religions and melts when it comes to some of the so callled minority religions. The reds carved out a 100% Muslim District to ensure vote bank in Kerala a few decades ago without flinching a wee bit, and the AAP so no harm in warming upto to a communal maulana who issued a fatwa against Taslima Nasreen – a valiant Bangladeshi Muslim lady who is continuously battling against rabid communal voices that threaten to drown all sane voices that emanate from the Muslim world.

A certain Mohandas Karamdas Gandhi, who was probably cut out to be a saint of sorts, met his nemesis when, for him, the lines between nationalism and self espoused sainthood blurred. The new nautch boy of Delhi is cast in a similar mould. In his eagerness to promote himself as a messiah of the masses, he too is headed in the all familiar territory of appeasement of the the so called minorities and the poor by using the weapon of Dharna. Wake up nautch boy, there are going to be few takers for such kinds of ‘item numbers’                                                   !http://notesfromsid.blogspot.in/2014/01/kejriwal-new-nautch-boy-of-delhi.html

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