‘Daughter of India’ documentary finally aired in UK and was made available on YouTube, which was subsequently pulled down on Indian government’s request.11054382_10155358611295165_8325127502921742840_n

The group who is supporting the documentary says that it is mandatory to watch the documentary to understand the ‘mindset’ behind such criminal rapists and for Indians to be shown the reality of Indian men!

I have certain questions and my opinions on the same.

1. What kind of ‘mindset’ are we expecting from a rapist?
A rapist has only a criminal mindset. A rapist wants to exercise his power on a helpless victim and considers his victim as an object of sex. Beyond this what kind of mindset are we expecting? Are we going to also dissect the mindset of a murderer or a pedophile?

2. Is it wise to show a rapist’s interview on TV?
A rapist is in my opinion is a criminal who, has absolutely no self esteem and suffers from extreme inferiority complex, because of which he commits such crimes. By forcing himself on his victim, he can feel good about himself. Showing a rapist on TV will only make him feel like he is a hero, which will encourage other potential rapists or existing rapists commit the crime more aggressively.

3. What are we to learn from a rapist’s interview?
Do we need a damn rapist to tell us what is wrong with our society? Do we need to listen to such a psychopath on TV to understand where we have failed as a nation? Come on! There are psychologists and psychoanalysts for such understanding.

4. Is it right to portray Indian image so poorly Internationally?
Are all Indian men rapists? Does rape occur only in India? Why has only India been singled out by BBC, while rate of rape cases are much higher in the US? Do we need to tarnish our country’s reputation just because a bunch of sick minded perverted men have committed such crimes?

From what little I read, this rapist in question talked lowly about Nirbhaya and suggested that women should not fight back! So, are women supposed to take this seriously and not fight back a rapist? Is this the kind of message we need to give out to our young girls and women?

Instead of airing such a psychopath on TV, I would have appreciated if:

1. This documentary had shown the interviews of the victims and what they have felt.

2. This documentary had only shown interviews of psychologists or psychiatrists or related medical professionals

3. They had shown methods which would help a woman in such situations.

4. They had discussed what punishments are appropriate for such criminals.

5.They had shown how Indian parents are also responsible in raising their sons in a biased patriarchal atmosphere, which plays the major role of forming a male’s personality and thinking, right from childhood. If a son will see his father treating the women at home lowly, he is likely to consider women as lowly beings. Education begins at home and starts from the parents. Sadly, most Indians treat a woman as a person of low intelligence, worthy of only household work and sex objects for producing children. This mindset needs to change at the root level. Only then can we expect such heinous men to respect women.

I am happy that the government didn’t allow the broadcast of this so called documentary, which was nothing but a mockery of the entire Nirbhaya case. I would appreciate if another documentary is made which would help us in taking steps to curb this menace.

Because the British are the best in the world and so we are the sick lots. This woman is sick to her core, there’s an obvious agenda in making India look bad and sadly, our fellow so called liberal Indians encourage such people in making the entire India look like it’s a rotten country! Someone should show this woman what the British did to us not so long ago.

Leslee Udwin, I dare you to make documentary on the rapes in your beloved UK, I dare you to make documentary on the shameless teachers who are rampantly getting caught with under age boys in schools, I dare you to show the numerous cases in which parents have been caught sexually abusing and murdering their own children and their mindset and all other ills of your society also. Go home and come back when you have the guts to accept what’s wrong in your country also. For starter, why don’t you make a documentary on yourself since you have also been a rape victim? Why don’t you outline the causes of rape in UK?
We don’t need whites like you to show us what is wrong in our country. Simply mind your business.—–Sofiya rangwala     https://www.facebook.com/sofiya.rangwala?fref=photo

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