WARNING: This contents of this post cannot be re-produced without referring to this blogsite as the source . This information is being revealed for the first time on this planet.

I should have written all  this in 1977. I have kept all this inside my chest for 35 years.

It is time to reveal shocking truths.

I want all patriots to read this post at least 3 times. Then I want you to allow the information to incubate inside you for 1 month.

Meanwhile I would suggest that you do some research of your own. If your conscience tells you that this post is the “naked truth”, then I would like you to pass it on to people who deserve knowing the truth.

My readers will realise, that I did NOT allow Anna Hazare to repeat history and be converted to another gullible Gandhi.

Punch into Google search ( later ) – BABA RAMDEV AND ANNA HAZARE TEAM UP- VADAKAYIL

At the National Archives, letters penned by Mohandas K. Gandhi, B.R. Ambedkar, Gopal Krishna Gokhale,  suffered from exposure to humid weather, staff negligence and mishandling, and improper preservation methods.  Make no mistake that these damning documents were destroyed deliberately.av1
Gandhi managed to pass the Matriculation Examination in 1887 in the third division, scoring a pathetic 247 out of 625. He became more articulate in his old age.

I am very well aware that Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation.

So, what has prompted me to reveal something so gruesome , after 35 years.

Well the trigger is the untruths I see on Internet and media about a book written by a JewJoseph Lelyveld “Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India” .

Joseph Lelyveld, is a Zionist and a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Pulitzer is a prize awarded by Columbia University USA.  Columbia university was made with Opium drug money by Rothschild.

Rothchild was the owner of British East India Company, who grew Opium in India and sold it in China.av2

The book portrays Gandhi as a debauched bisexual with a gay relationship with one of his disciples, the German-Jewish architect and body builder Hermann Kallenbach.
The headlines of UK’s Daily Mail, Britain’s second-largest newspaper, screamed, “Gandhi left his wife to live with a male lover, new book claims”– and this made the day of the Christian white invaders.
The Wall Street Journal’s review states the book depicts Gandhi as “a sexual weirdo, a political incompetent, a fanatical faddist, implacably racist, and a ceaseless self-promoter, professing his love for mankind as a concept while actually despising people as individuals.”av3
Lelyveld quotes correspondence between Gandhi and Kallenbach, including excerpts from the latter’s diary, with language that seems suggestive of a homosexual relationship, with Gandhi speaking of his Hermann Kallenbach as “Lower House,” and of himself as “Upper House,” and saying that cotton-wool and Vaseline were a constant reminder of their “mutual love”
In a letter written from a London hotel during a trip to lobby British authorities in 1909, for example, Gandhi’s infatuation with Kallenbach is clear: “Your portrait (the only one) stands on my mantelpiece in the bedroom. The mantelpiece is opposite the bed.”
Politicians in India have generally and across the political spectrum denounced the book and demanded it be banned as being allegedly defamatory,and demanding a “public apology” from Lelyveld, and with Federal Law Minister Veerappa Moily of the Governments of India and Industries Minister Narayan Rane of the Government of Maharashtra promising to ban it.
The State Assembly of Gujarat (with a population of more than 50 million), where Gandhi was born, voted unanimously to ban the book immediately after the state’s chief minister, Narendra Modi, said it “deserves to be despised.”.  Its publication “shall not be tolerated under any circumstances,” Chief Minister of Gujarat Modi declared, according to the Associated Press.
Whenever they were apart, they sustained a frequent and intense correspondence. Only half of their letters survive today; Gandhi systematically destroyed all of what he described as Kallenbach’s ”logical and charming love notes” to him.
Gandhi’s 13 letters to Kallenbach, however, were put up for auction decades after the death of the two men, and were eventually acquired by the National Archives of India.
Lelyveld Arthur Joseph , a rabbi  received his B.A. from Columbia University in 1933 . He was instrumental role in obtaining critical American recognition of the newly formed State of Israel. Lelyveld was a contributor to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. He was a veteran of four decades with the New York Times,owned by Rothschilds, where he served as executive editor from 1994 to 2001.
The book has not yet been released in India.
Well, Capt Vadakayil who is more perceptive than all of them put together, does NOT believe the two men were lovers.   He says that it is a mindless cherry pickin’ interpretation with ulterior motives.
These decadent souls will accuse a woman of having sex with her dog if she as much says “I love my dog”.
The decadent invading Christians have no idea that 11000 years before Thomas BabingtonMacaulay cried “soap is civilization”,Sanatana Dharma had the concept that sexuality has elemental energy, which if  sublimated and contained  can give you amazing spiritual powers.

In Kerala we have the Sabarimala pilgrimage , the largest on the planet, where 53 million pilgrims has to be vegetarian and celibate for 41 days, before he starts off.
Sotheby’s had put a pre-sale estimate of between £500,000 and £700,000 on the collection of letters.  The sale was pulled after Indian authorities agreed to purchase the entire archive for around £700,000 (60million rupees). Sotheby’s said in a terse statement: ‘The Gandhi-Kallenbach archive… has been sold in a private transaction to the Indian government on 10th July 2012.’av4
German Jew Kallenback was a  skilled ice-skater, swimmer, cyclist and gymnast, and an architect. In 1904 he was told by German Jew Rothschild  to befriend  Gandhi, who was then working in South Africa.   In 1910 , on Rothchild’s orders Kallenbach, donated to Gandhi his 1100 acre (4 km²)  farm near Johannesburg.av5
It was less than 2 miles from the nearest railway station and already had 1,000 fruit bearing trees. There were 2 wells and a spring,  and a few small buildings. The farm was used to run Gandhi’s famous “Tolstoy Farm” that housed the families of his satyagrahis.  Kallenbach himself  named this farm after Leo Tolstoy. Kallenback’s task was to brainwash Gandhi into non-violence to fight the enemy.  Leo Tolstoy died on 20th Nov 1910.
The famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy ( like Karl Marx ) was a crypto-jew. He wrote in 1891 as follows:

“The Jew was the pioneer of civilization, many thousands of years before the birth of Christ when the ancient world was surrounded with an impregnable wall of barbarism and rudeness. 

The prevailing rule in the land of Israel was that each individual was obligated to teach those who were uneducated or those unable to read or write… the Jews have and always will adhere, support and spread the idea of liberty, civilization and religious tolerance.”

“What is the Jew?…What kind of unique creature is this whom all the rulers of all the nations of the world have disgraced and crushed and expelled and destroyed; persecuted, burned and drowned, and who, despite their anger and their fury, continues to live and to flourish. 

What is this Jew whom they have never succeeded in enticing with all the enticements in the world, whose oppressors and persecutors only suggested that he deny (and disown) his religion and cast aside the faithfulness of his ancestors?!
The Jew – is the symbol of eternity. … He is the one who for so long had guarded the prophetic message and transmitted it to all mankind. A people such as this can never disappear. The Jew is eternal. He is the embodiment of eternity.”

Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy achieved his place as one of the greatest Russian writers of all time, with Rothschild’s support. His average books War and Peace, and Anna Karenina, were made out to be classics by the Rothschild held media.  Rothschild made Tolstoy brainwash young and gullible  Mohandas Gandhi with the idea of nonviolent resistance ..

Bengal had become an unsafe place for the British . Calcutta was a hotbed for violent freedom fighters. Many patriots like Resh Bihari Bose, Aurobindo Ghosh, Bagha Jatin, Khudiram Bose etc made life unsafe for the white invader.  They even had to transfer the Capital of India from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911.

Britain need “their type of non-violent freedom figher” to take over the reins of Indian freedom fighting.  The “well planned” 1st world war was drawing close. They needed to recruit at least 1.3 million Indian soldiers for WW1.
 Rothschild used Winston Churchill, whose mother Jenny Jerome was Rothschilds , to fan the flames of first world war. There were enormous profits to be made. They wanted to carve out a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Winston was told by Rothschild to create MI-5 and MI-6–the information and security services in 1909.av6
They would draw America into the war by sinking a passenger ship full of Americans. (SS Lusitania). The ultimate aim was to enforce the Barflour declaration for the state of Israel. They could NOT afford to fight a war without the help of thousands of willing and brave cannon fodder Indian Soldiers.
Winston Churchill was catapulted from a Mr. Nobody to the “most famous Englishman ” and to the world stage by mind boggling deceit– the way Rothschild always did,
Rothschild nurtured moulded their British agent carefully. Using immense money power they manipulated everything for Winston and made him a popular author by the age of 24 , and a cabinet minister at the age of 33.
Rothschild even doctored a bravery medal for Winston.av7
They engineered  (by paying a fortune in bribes) a great drama in South Africa, where Winston was imprisoned and made a most daring escape from Boers custody. He immediately became a national hero , as Rothschild owned almost all the media.
Winston Churchill resigned his commission from the military in 1899, setting goals to make a living writing and later, politics and headed for South Africa.  In South Africa during the time, a lengthy war continued with the British and Boer Republic colonies.  A very complex war, but for relevance’s sake, a war of revolution, the Boer’s fighting for freedom from the rule of the British.
The Boer fought a guerrilla dominant warfare, and during Churchill’s stay the British counterattacked with scorched earth tactics. The practice of destroying anything which may be of use to the enemy (roads, buildings, irrigation, etc.), may have played in the decision of Churchill later in this life to support the controversial act of carpet bombing.
Within the first month of Churchill’s presence in South Africa, he became famous for saving an ambushed train of British soldiers, even at the cost of sacrificing his own freedom, —  all stage managed.
So, in 1899,  our brave Winston Churchill headed to South Africa as a newspaper correspondent for the Morning Post owned by Rothschilds,  to cover the Boer War between British and Dutch settlers. He was made to be  present at an ambush of an armored train and captured by enemy Boer soldiers.– all stage managed..
On the night of December 12th, when the prison guards conveniently turned their backs on Humpty Dumpty– nay– Churchill , he took the opportunity to climb over the prison wall.
Wearing a brown flannel suit with £75 (the equivalent of $375) and 4 slabs of chocolate in his pocket ( or was it 5 ? ) , Churchill walked on leisurely through the night in hopes of finding the Delagoa Bay Railway. So began his great escape and journey to freedom. All this can only be believed only by an inebriated John Bull.av8
Gargantuan Churchill jumped onto a train and hid among soft sacks covered in coal dust.  Leaving the train before daybreak, Churchill continued on his escape.  With luck, Winston Churchill happened upon the home of Mr. John Howard, manager of the Transvaal Collieries.  Maybe he had GPS.
Upon knocking on his door, Mr. Howard’s response to Winston Churchill plea for help was “Thank God you have come here! It is the only house for twenty miles where you would not have been handed over. But we are all British here, and we will see you through.”
Mr. Howard first hid Churchill in a coal mine then transported him to safety by having gargantuan Churchill squeeze into a tiny hole at the end of a train car, with a few bales of wool, thrown in for good measure.
Churchill’s fame would grow to legendary rock star status as he escaped from the captors, — huge bribes were paid by Rothschilds to make this Cinderella  drama happen.
Churchill headed to Europe as a awesome celebrity to write, and lecture amongst the European countries.  He was the toast of every English town.
He was catapulted to First Lord of the Admiralty ( Oct 1911 ), at the young age of 37, a post usually given to old grey haired men—-and Churchill successfully petitioned the Cabinet for the largest naval expenditure in the history of the British.

In 1889, because of the discovery of vast wealth in gold and diamonds in South Africa, the Rothschilds came back to loot the nation with 400,000 British soldiers pitted against 30,000 “irregulars” — that is, farmers with rifles — whom the Boers could put into the field.
The Boer War was started by Rothschild’s agent, Lord Alfred Milner. His plans were aided by another Rothschild agent, Cecil Rhodes, who later left his entire fortune to the furtherance of the Rothschild program, through the Rhodes Trust. The British fought a “no prisoners” scorched earth war, destroying farms and mercilessly shooting down Boers who tried to surrender.
It was in this war that the institution of “concentration camps” was brought to the world, as the British rounded up and imprisoned in unsanitary, fever-ridden camps anyone thought to be sympathetic to the Boers, including many women and children, who died by the thousands.
So Gandhi and Kallenbach lived together for two years as soul mates,  starting from 1907.. during this period Gandhi was prepared for the ”great Indian show”.
 Kallenbach was micro managing Gandhi throughout the Satyagraha (non-violent resistance) struggle, which lasted in South Africa until 1914.
The form of resistance that Gandhiji devised was unique: satyagraha.  He would patiently appeal to the good sense of the Christian whites, while also refusing to follow their laws that he regarded evil.  He was willing to suffer punishment for breaking these laws,  but refused to hate the invading white men.av8
While in South Africa, Gandhi did not miss a single opportunity to please the British crown. Just after the Boer war, Gandhi expressed his loyalty by sending felicitation to Queen Victoria on her birthday.  Queen Victoria died in January, 1901 and Gandhi sent a condolence message to the Colonial Secretary in London, laid a wreath on the pedestal of the Queen’s statue in Durban and distributed picture of the Queen among the school children.
Well there are NO secrets in the Internet age
Later on, when George-V was coroneted as the king of England, Gandhi expressed his loyalty by sending congratulatory telegram to England that read, “The Indian residents of this country (i.e. South Africa) sent congratulatory cablegrams on the occasion, thus declaring their loyalty”.
In 1909, Lord Ampthill visited South Africa and Gandhi was out to please him by whatever means he could. The British statesmen and rulers always wanted a man who condemned extremists and revolutionists in India and Gandhi took the opportunity to please Armphill by denouncing the revolutionaries of India and their policy.
Through several letters, Gandhi tried to convince him that his doctrine of passive resistance or nonviolent Satyagraha has no intention to hurt others – ‘a satyagrahi do not inflict sufferings on others, but he invites it on himself’.
Many believe that it was the most important cause that inspired the British to bring Gandhi to India, made him the topmost leader of Indian freedom movement and his creed of Satyagraha was projected as the only mode of freedom struggle in India.
Due to this unwavering loyalty to the British Crown, Gandhiwas chosen by Rothschild  to come to India to lead the freedom movement, or to be frank, to sabotage the simmering freedom movement.
His doctrine of nonviolence suited them . It was not difficult for the British to understand that his harmless and nonviolent Satyagraha would pose no threat to the British Empire.
 It has been ponted out earlier that British in India, at that time, were terribly afraid of violent freedom struggle launched by the patriots of Bengal, Maharastra and Punjab. But Gandhi, through his speeches and writings, managed to expose that he was against any sort of violence in Indian freedom movement.
Now I must digress and go to a great British stooge Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
In 1905, when Gokhale was elected president of the Indian National Congress and was at the height of his political power. He was a supporter of the British on the quiet, while he pretended to be a freedom fighter.
Freedom fighters of that era will tell you that Gokhale was just a social reformer ( like BR Ambedkar ) . He was never put into jail.
Gokhale was loved by the British and he was was invited to London to meet with secretary of state Lord John Morley, to shape the Morley-Minto Reforms introduced in1909. Gokhale was appointed a CIE (Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire) in the 1904 New Year’s Honours List, a formal recognition by the Empire of his service.
Gokhale was told by Britain to mentor  Mahatma Gandhi , so that he can hand over the mantle to him, later in case his health went bad.
In 1906, the Congress was split into two.. The group led by Tilak and supported by Lala Lajpat Rai and Bepin Bihari Pal was known as the extremist group, while the British stooges and loyalists were called the moderates. Gradually, the extremists, with the help of mass support, gained popularity and emerged as the dominant group while the moderates lost their control over the Congress.
So, when the British took Gokhale into confidence and disclosed their plan to bring loyalist Gandhi to India and make him the sole leader of Congress, Gokhale found to ray of hope to regain their hegemony in the Congress. He readily supported the intrigue and agreed to play a mediator between Gandhi and the British.

To recapitulate, in 1891, Gandhi had returned from England as a barrister and in the next year he had sailed to South Africa to fight a case for an Indian business firm Dada Abdulla & Co., against an immigrant Indian Muslim Tyabji Haji Khan Muhammad.av10

Viceroy Minto ( Gilbert Elliot Murray Kynynmound ) complained to Rothschild, on 25 January 1910 , “with the gloom several assassinations hanging over everyone, a spirit hitherto unknown to India has come into existence, a spirit of anarchy and lawlessness which seeks to subvert not only British rule but the Governments of Indian chiefs…”

He was promptly replaced on orders from an upset Rothschild.

Viceroy Charles Hardinge told Britain on 28 May 1911, (totally shaken up, after being the target of several  assassination attempts)–  “In my opinion, nothing can be worse than the condition of Bengal and Eastern Bengal. There is practically no Government in either province…It is better to shift the Capital from Calcutta to Delhi,  and call Gandhi to India from South Africa  ”200px-Charles_Hardinge

In 1912, Gokhale was told to go to South Africa and do the preliminary training of Gandhi.  Gandhi himself had written that Gokhale was his mentor and guide.

Gokhale was also the role model and mentor of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the future Shia Muslim founder of Pakistan, who in 1912, aspired to become in his own words the “Muslim Gokhale”.
After reaching South Africa, Gokhale, (whom Gandhi revered as his political guru) , told Gandhi that he would have to return to India within a year (according to the plan of their British masters).
Apart from his unwavering loyalty to the British Empire, Gandhi was chosen by the British as the new leader of India’s freedom struggle due his newly invented doctrine of nonviolence.
It was not difficult for the British to understand that his harmless and nonviolent Satyagraha would pose no threat to the British Empire.
To explain Satyagraha, Gandhi used to say, “A Satyagrahi should expect to get killed by an aggressor and not to kill him”.
One should recall here that instruction of Bhagawat Gita is to kill an aggressor without giving a second thought—just do your duty.
Rothschild wanted Gandhi to succeed Gopal Krishna Gokhale in India , at the helm of freedom fighting.
So when Gokhale reached Cape Town by ship on 22nd Oct 1912, , instructions were given out well in advance by Rothschild to  play to the gallery, and establish huge respect for Gokhale as the Mentor and Gandhi as the “rising sun” and the prospective successor  as disposer of the destiny of the enslaved Indian.
Tata the Opium agents of Rothschild in Bombay had sent huge amount of money to Gandhi, for the pomp and show soon to unfold.  The railway station was decorated and even the British joined the grand reception fit for King George.
 Everything would be splashed in next days Rothschild owned newspapers in South Africa and India. Gokhale lead by Gandhi and the British visited each and every Indian community all over South Africa.
The Senator WP Schriener was also in tow, as ordered by Rothschild. All were given to understand without an iota of doubt that the helm of freedom fighting would be handed over from Gokhale to Gandhi as soon as he went back to India.
The mayors of all these towns gave a royal reception in the town halls, and everything was splurged in the Rothschild held media.av11
They were even given conducted tours in Rothschild owned Kimberley diamond mines.  Premier Botha a racist of the first order was arm twisted  to swallow his pride and attitude and give a two hour meeting time with Gokhale and Gandhi.
The Indians were encouraged to air their grievances. As stage managed , an issue of a 3 pound tax was aired.av12
Gandhi was allowed  a quick win here by Governor General John Gladstone .
The Indians who were treated like dirt, were amazed and confused. What the hell is happening? . Was Gandhi such a great leader and a negotiator, in which case the destiny of Indians would be safe in his hands.av13
Kallenback was keeping a hawks eye on behalf of Rothschild, just to make sure the original blue print and script was being followed.
Rothschild could be absolutely ruthless when his orders are disobeyed. Gokhale stayed in Kallenbacks house. Never mind what is written by historians that all slept on the floor etc.
Gokhale after he came back to Poona, India would be in constant touch with Gandhi by telegrams–which were given top urgency.

Just before Gandhi finally left for England on 18th July 1914, on SS Kilfauns Castle , all Rothschild media splashed headlines calling Gandhi , MAHATMA or the “great soul”.av14

When Gandhi left South Africa for Indian the entire world’s main stream media announced that Jan Christiaan Smuts, said “ THE SAINT HAS LEFT OUR SHORES “.   We Indians had a Rothschild’s  ready made messiah to sit on the driver’s seat of our freedom struggle.   Juicy stories were splashed how Gandhi (1914 ), presented General Jan Smuts with a pair of sandals made by himself  to show great mutual admiration and respect..av15

QUOTE:  Smuts wore the sandals every summer at his farm and then returned the sandals to Gandhi on Gandhi’s seventieth birthday. Smuts remarked, ‘I have worn these sandals for many a summer … even though I may feel that I am not worthy to stand in the shoes of so great a man. It was my fate to be the antagonist of a man for whom even then I had the highest respect. … He never forgot the human background of the situation, never lost his temper or succumbed to hate, and preserved his gentle humor even in the most trying situations. His manner and spirit even then, as well as later, contrasted markedly with the ruthless and brutal forcefulness which is the vogue in our day… UNQUOTE


Now you get the drift why Rothschild made sure Gandhi never got the Nobel Prize for peace. They had some conscience.

Before Gandhi sailed for England , Gokhale left for England to arrange for a grand reception , involving thousand of cheering British , for newspaper photographs, suitable for a “great Mahatma “–  and meetings with Churchill and MPs, to coach and familiarise him.
Gandhi would make sure thousands of Indian soldiers joined Britain to fight along with them in the first world war.  Gokhale was stuck at Paris as the 1st World war just broke out.  Gandhi’s ship was in the English channel at this time, just 24 hours from London
Hermann Kallenback accompanied Gandhi and his wife on their final voyage from South Africa to London in 1914.  He was indeed the quintessential  ”Big brother’s eye ” or the “embedded reporter “.
When Gandhi mobilised Indians in England to enlist as soldiers with the British a law student Sorabji Adajania got hoppin’ mad, and asked him how he can take such unilateral decisions and who the fu#k has authorised him?av16
On August 13, Gandhi issued a circular affirming his resolve to tender his unconditional service to the British Empire and sent it around to collect signatures.
He also set up an Indian Volunteer Committee with himself in the chair and  V.V. Giri and others as members.  VV Giri ultimately resigned from the committee,  as he found all this to be nonsense.
Gandhi finally met Gokhale in London on September 18, 1914. Thus proceeded the plan to sabotage India’s freedom movement according to the design of the British aggressors.gopal-krishna-gokhale
Gopal Krishna Gokhale, said that it is immaterial who rules the country as long as its people have security and reasonable freedom in their private life,  as given to them by the British–just like BR Ambedkar later,
 Britain desperately wanted Gandhi’s help in swaying the minds and hearts of the Indian Muslims who saw the Khalifa of Turkey ( Ottoman ) Kemal as the sipitual leader of the Sunnis.  And Turkey had just sided with the Germans.
So for the Indian Muslim soldiers the fight along with the British would be to save their souls.  Sarojini Naidu was also in London with Gokhale.
Tilak finding that Gokhale and Sir Pherozah Mehta were British stooges meanwhile split the Indian National Congress, back home.
When Gandhi returned to India on 19th Dec 1914 on SS Arabia,  Hermann  Kallenbach was unable (sic!) to get permission to travel to India, since England and Germany were at war.
His job of keeping an eye on Gandhi was over.
From now on Gokhale , Pherozah Mehta and then BR Ambedkar would keep an eye on him , and report to Rothschild via Churchill .
Gandhi was now 45, and he was coming back to India after 12 years. He reached Mumbai on 9th Jan 1915. to a tumultuous welcome.  Gokhale was at the quay with a rapturous reception party.av18
Indians were literally overcome with awe.
Who was this great Mahatma who was respected and feared by the British, that even the PM and King of Britain gave him an audience.
Separate receptions were held by Jinnah and Sir Pherozah Mehta too.  The British in Bombay were told to treat Gandhi like the cat’s whiskers. The newspapers were full of the just arrived “messiah”.av19
Gokhale told Gandhi to tour extensively all over India in 3rd class train, to give a “darshan” to all Indians.

Above meeting — ” Hi Indians, I am the MAHATMA — you must join the British army and  fight — killing Germans is NOT violence.   But killing our dear British rulers , and driving them away from India is VIOLENCE–  and I wont allow that!

Such was the curiosity raised by endless propaganda of the great Mahatma– that thousands lines up along railway tracks, doing namaste. It was a media blitzkrieg.av20

Above picture:  Hi, Indians, I am the Mahatma– the GREAT SOUL- I have been chosen to be your MESSIAH.At Calcutta another Opium agent of Rothschild in Calcutta, GD Birla, jumped into the crowd and started pulling Gandhi’s carriage with great gusto.

The Governor of Bombay was told by Rothschild to bestow Gandhi the title of ”Kaiser E Hind” .av21

The British made sure that every railway station was jam packed with awe struck Indians..
Who is this Maha Meru who gave the British and even the King of England , an inferiority complex?  This propaganda at its best–even Joseph Goebbels would admit..
 On 20th Feb 1915, Gokhale died.
Now Gandhi was in the drivers seat. At Lucknow Nehru was introduced to Gandhi, as per the Rothschild blueprint.  He would be groomed to take over the mantle from Gandhi.av23
Subhash Chandra Bose will know exactly what I mean–you cant win an election against Nehru, as long as Gandhi was there.
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with high intellect and leadership aura, was more respected than Gandhi and Nehru in the Congress by the members. Both were stumbling blocks for Bose. When Bose was re-elected to the post of Congress President in 1939 it created unhealthy  tension between him and the Mahatma / Nehru combine , especially as he had won the post defeating Pattabhi Sitaramaiah (who was Gandhiji’s nominee). Gandhiji apparently took Sitaramayya’s defeat personally and is believed to have remarked: “I consider Pattabhi’s defeat as my own”.  Gandhi prompted by the British and Parsees did NOT allow Bose to function the way he wanted.av24
After landing at Bombay  Gandhi wrote a letter to the Governor of Bombay Presidency expressing his promise that he would always abide by his instructions.  All these letters have been exposed in this Internet age.av25
The First World War began in Europe on 28 June 1914, and Gandhi, immediately after reaching India, started to recruit Indian soldiers for the British army, in his eagerness to express his loyalty to the British Empire.av26
It was surprising to all that, Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence,  supported war and according to his promise to the British master, recruited Indians for both world wars to be sacrificed as lambs. He personally travelled far and wide and addressed meetings in his bid to recruit soldiers for Britain, under the hawks eye and “patronage” of Commissioner Pratt.av27
Confused Indians used to ask him every day, “ Why should we help the British invader?  What good will it do to us? What had Britain done to deserve our blood?

13.83 lakh Indian soldiers were recruited as a direct result of Gandhi’s actions for overseas action.av28

The British Crown, could have never ever had forced drafting of such a huge number, and given them guns and bullets .

Out of this 1.11 lakh or 111000 

soldiers were killed in action.av29 

This does NOT include the soldiers who came back without a limb or on wheelchair.

Britain used Indians in the worst areas of war, in dangerous sectors, in the front lines as canon fodder..av30

Nobody writes about all this today.
There is no war memorial for these dead souls, who were equated with animals.av31

Brave Indian soldiers were used in the suicidal areas on the Western Front, in the “deadly” Battle of Gallipoli, in the Sinai, Palestine, Mesopotamia Campaigns, the Siege of Kut and in the Battle of Tanga in East Africa.av33av32

This ends the part 1 source http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2012/09/mahatma-gandhi-re-writing-indian.htmlav40

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