By Dr Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary

Long long ago, chastened by the disastrous consequence of the separatism of the Muslim minority in India, that led to the partition of the country and holocaust of more than a million men and women, the wise leaders of the country decided to promote integration among all the people of India and so put in place the National Integration Council (NIC). It comprised of the Prime Minister, important ministers in the Union Cabinet, Chief Ministers of states and some intellectuals from a cross-section of the society. It was hoped that the deliberations of the NIC would lead to the promotion of integration and the development of a national outlook and identity among all people.

Unfortunately, over the years, as the Indian National Congress (INC) became weaker and weaker, regional parties like DMK and TDP came up in almost all the states. There has been competition for the votes of different sections of the people. Therefore, disintegrative divisionism and sectarian interests came to be taken up and agitated for and elections are won or lost by the block votes of minority (i.e. Moslem) or some castes. In addition to the traditional divisions arising out of language and religion, domestic and foreign interests are promoting inter-caste strife among Hindus. The divisive actions based upon religion and caste are financed from outside. Besides, a political ideology based upon Marxism, which has led to the repeated splitting of the original communist party into several gangs, some underground some above ground, are also in cooperation with these divisive forces in the name of social justice, right of peoples for self-determination, civil liberties, human rights and so on. The NIC is now more or less a dead idea as it has not been convened regularly and often, and when it is at all convened, it has become a forum to accentuate the divisions, and for minorities and special interest groups to ask for more and more privileges, rights, autonomy and packages.

Of all these, the deadliest now are with regard to religions – Islam & Christianity and dalitism. Here are some instances of each one of them becoming laws unto themselves promoting disintegration of the country. 

In Hyderabad, the Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen (MIM), which is the resurrected form of the former Razakars of the hated Nizam’s regime, who wished to establish an Islamic state in the heart of India, comprising of the Nizam territories, is becoming as uncontrollable and irresistible a force in Hyderabad city as the Razakars were before September, 1948. Pakistani jihadis and Bangladesh Muslim infiltrators find a safe haven in Hyderabad. Training schools for jihadis and factories for illegal manufacture of explosives are established in the city. If any criminal is caught by the police, within a few minutes, hundreds of even burqa-clad women and others demonstrate before the police station for the release of the person. Within a few minutes, the MIM legislators and functionaries come in a militant mood and assert themselves for the release of the criminals. Then follow orders from above for letting off the criminals.
Some Muslims make it a point to construct a mosque-like structure saying that it is for religious prayers. They occupy vacant land, mostly of government and sometimes, even private ones. When those structures under construction are objected to, immediately gangs of minorities assemble joined in by MIM legislators and leaders. Police men plead with Hindus to back off. Government officials promise either to give an alternative government site for the construction of the mosque now objected to or some other compensation. The mosque comes up. Christian missionaries and dalit converts led by the former are adopting the MIM methods now-a-days.

Any person of the minority community can construct houses or commercial structures without any sanctions from the local authority and when the concerned authorities object or come for demolition, then again a riot will be initiated. In the forefront are MIM legislators and leaders. The government authorities beat a hasty retreat.
While this is so in Hyderabad, this is not very different in other places of the country. For example, in Mumbai, Sri Hasan Saroor, the Police Commissioner, was found to be inept and wanting in leadership, by the R.D. Pradhan Commission, which inquired into the effectiveness of the police, when Mumbai was attacked on 26th of November, 2008 by Pakistan-based and directed jihadis. Sri Saroor could not direct any operations. He was a passive monitor. The secular coalition government of Congress and NCP disagreed from the finding of the Pradhan Commission, for reason that “secularism” would not allow any Commission or any other authority to find any deficiency in a minority, that is a Muslim officer.

Sri P. D. Dinakaran, Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, had been found to have illegally occupied scores of acres of government land in his town in Tamil Nadu. A government inquiry found this to be true. There are several other charges. His entire record of judgments was one of favoring illegal construction of churches by Christian missionaries. The misdeeds of his had been gone into by the Collegium of the Supreme Court, which examined his fitness for appointment and his promotion to be a Justice of the Supreme Court. The government sent back the Supreme Court’s initial recommendation for promotion of Dinakaran. The Collegium finally dropped him. A motion signed by the requisite number of Rajya Sabha Members had been submitted to the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha for impeachment of Justice Dinakaran. Sushri Mayawathi, the Dalit Chief Minister of UP writes to the Prime Minister that the non-promotion of Dinakaran and the motion to impeach him are motivated by bias and prejudice against dalits. That he is a Christian and long back left Hinduism does not matter to her. So, just like a Muslim Commissioner of Police cannot be found fault with, even by a judicial Commission, so cannot a Christian, and that too a dalit Christian, or for that mater, any Christian, because he belongs to minority, cannot be faulted even when his crimes are established.

A New Class (often refered to as Government Brahmins in Maharastra) is arising. If any SC officer, who is found delinquent in the performance of his duties, is pulled up, he immediately invokes the “Prevention of Atrocities against SCs and STs Act”. The unfortunate officer now goes on the defensive and the delinquent officer goes scot-free. Similarly, if any SC employee in any private company or home or hospital is found fault with by his superior or management, immediately he invokes the Prevention of Atrocities Act. In the end, the management becomes the accused. In Kerala, there is now an onslaught on Hindus. Apart from a woman’s womb being used for the rapid increase of Muslim population, now well-funded and smart, young Muslims are tasked to inveigle and entice Hindu girls into friendship, then sex, and finally elopement and forced marriage. So many cases had for long been not reported, but now this activity, which has come to be recognised even by the High Court as “love jihad”, increased to an alarming proportion. A large number of parents approached the High Court of Kerala. It advised the government of Kerala to inquire into this large-scale anti-social and illegal activity, love-jihad.

Dozens of Christian missionaries copiously funded from mysterious sources are putting up churches. The process is innocent-looking Christians purchase a plot or house or a flat in a Hindu locality. For sometime it will be a house. Then it becomes a prayer hall for Christians for various localities in the city. When the neighbors object, then cases are filed against the objectors alleging that they are religiously intolerant; they are interfering with the right of minorities to practise and propagate their religion as guaranteed by the Constitution. An obliging Christian or crypto-Christian judge will give a judgment in their favour. And then a grand church comes up in the site after demolition of the “prayer-house”. Neighbors start fleeing. It appears that the UPA government is now hijacked by the minorities that is, Muslims & Christians under the patronage of the most powerful person of foreign origin presiding over possessing the oldest party in India.

Under the UPA government, Muslim League MPs have become Ministers. A new Minority Ministry was created in the Union government headed by a Muslim. So, the minorityism is perpetuated. There are Minority Commissions in all Hindu majority states but none in non-Hindu majority states like J & K, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram. The UPA government seems to be midwifing the birth of 90 district level Pakistans in as many districts of India which have been identified by the Sachar Committee as largely populated by Muslims. A separate budget in the 11th Five Year Plan with 15% of development funds is created for them. Banks are directed to open branches in these districts to give loans on easy terms to Muslims. The process for Pakistanization of these districts will be simple. Muslims from other districts in India and Bangladesh will be invited, hosted and facilitated to become voters. As their population increases, Hindus will flee from those districts, just like from Mallappuram in Kerala and Mewat in Haryana. They will then ask for autonomy. After sometime, they will ask for secession, just like in J & K.

The communist government in Kerala had directed the state-owned Finance Corporation to start an Islamic Bank, that is, the ‘secular’ government is bringing into being with its funds, a bank which would be operated according to Sharia, the Islamic law.

All these dangerously disintegrative events pale into insignificance in comparison to the ninety (90) significantly Moslem-populated districts (Bengal and Assam) which under the Muslim First programmes will be specially and preferentially developed with 15% of the 11th plan funds. They will gather Muslims from other parts of India to change the demography; Hindus will flee from them (as from Kashmir Valley); they will ask for autonomy and then launch insurgency for self-determination and secession. Thus is the UPA paving the way for 90 Pakistan states in India, undoing what the great Sardar Vallabhai Patel did – integrating over 500 princely states into the national fabric. Will Indians realize what the UPA (which for the first time in independent India has been including Muslim Leaguers, who divided India in the Union Cabinet) is set upon?

This article originally appeared in the online blog, Secularism Combat.

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