By: V Sundaram, IAS, Retd. 
June 02, 2006
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The word “secularism” today has become a hallowed and sacred word in India’s political parlance. Almost all political parties are competing with one another for coming under the sheltering and cosy umbrella of “secularism”. Muslim and Leftist scholars and scribes of all shades, colors and hues have conferred on “secularism” a sanctity which is unknown in the history of India. All of them are enchanted by its incantation. Secularism has become the Gayatri Mantra of all political parties. While Gayatri Mantra is viewed as saffron, communal and non-secular, “secularism” is viewed as both white and green, non-communal and splendidly non-saffron. It has therefore become the most popular product for aggressive political marketing in India. All the political parties have been hailing it as the quintessence of what they uphold as India’s composite culture. Few of them seem to know or understand that secularism as propounded, proclaimed and practiced in post-independent India is entirely a contribution if not creation of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and purely a direct product of his ideological commitment to “communism”.

In his marvelous and path-breaking book “Genesis and Growth of Nehruism” Sita Ram Goel, an intellectual kshatriya in the line of Arjuna and Parasurama, states as follows: “I can now see quite clearly that Pundit Nehru had learnt studiously to look through communist glasses on every problem that arose in pre- and post-independence India. The solutions he sought for various problems were also suggested by what he eulogized as the GREAT SOVIET EXPERIMENT. He did not prevail every time because there were other forces in the field. But he tried his utmost and to the end of his days to steer the Freedom Movement, the Indian National Congress and the country at large in a decisively communist direction. Had not Mao Tse-Tung spoiled his game in 1962 when Nehru was at the peak of his power and prestige, at home and abroad, he would have handed over the country to the communist mafia”.

It need not therefore be surprising that in the self-chosen process of pressing forward communist patterns of thought and action, Nehru became more and more alienated from India’s indigenous society and culture. At the same time, he became more and more friendly towards every factor and force which was out to disorganize, disintegrate and decimate this ancient country, uproot its people and destroy its cultural heritage. Thus he became a combined embodiment of all the imperialist ideologies that have flooded this country in the wake of foreign invasions or interventions for centuries Islam,Christianity, White Man’s Burden and Communism. The cumulative end results of this prolonged pernicious process are there for all of us to see.

Swami Vivekananda had observed long ago that every member of India’s ancient society who converts to Christianity or Islam is not only one member less but one enemy more. I have no doubt that he would have said the same had he seen the latter day converts to different brandishing brands of communism. The innate hostility which a communist harbors towards everything authentically Indian nationally Indian culturally Indian, socially Indian, has to be seen in order to be believed. Sita Ram Goel correctly concludes: “The fact is that Islam and Christianity and Communism are basically projections of the same poison in the human psyche which produces permanent enmity between a people’s past and its present, between one section of that people and another, and between different peoples of the world. It is only the verbiage which they use for presenting their dogmas which sounds different. Christianity and Islam have snapped the ties which linked many people in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas to their cultural past. They have created civil strife in every society they have visited. And they have led many imperialist onslaughts from the lands of the believers to those of the unbelievers. Communism did the same wherever it came to prevail. India under Pundit Nehru and his dynasty could not be an exception”.

Sita Ram Goel documents, from Pundit Nehru’s own writings and speeches, the genesis and the growth of his communist ideology, how he was drawn into the Comintern network in 1926; how he became a worshipper of the Soviet Union after a brief visit to Moscow in 1927; how Lenin and Stalin became his heroes par excellence; how he smuggled the Comintern line into the foreign policy resolutions of the Indian National Congress long before our independence; how he patronized the Communist Party of India and its fronts and fellow-travelers all through his life; and how he forced independent India’s foreign policy to follow consistently the line laid down by Moscow. In short Nehru loved the alcohol of Communist ideology and his consistent political behavior was that of a self-righteous bully who surrounded himself with bourgeois luxury and flirted furtively with two major brands of communism—that of Moscow and Peking—in continuously alternating moods and moments of unrequited passion till 1962.

Thus it will be clear that Nehru was a committed communist in every sense of the word. This is also confirmed by Phillip Spratt who has written a foreword to Sita Ram Goel’s Book “Genesis and Growth of Nehru’s”. What is fascinating to note is that Phillip Spratt was the top most Comintern agent who came to India in 1926 in order to organize the Communist Party of India. He later became the chief accused in the “Meerut conspiracy case” of 1929. Ultimately he turned against communism after reading Mahatma Gandhi. Phillip Spratt in his foreword wrote in October 1963 (seven months before the death of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru): “The purpose of the Kamaraj Plan is to arrange the succession to Nehru in such a way that the pro-communists retain control. The dispute over this question is of the greatest importance for India’s future. But the partisans on both sides are still afraid of speaking plainly, and many of the public are still unaware of what it is all about. Sita Ram Goel’s book helps greatly in making it clear what the groups in the congress are fighting over. It is really over whether India shall continue to be ruled by a Government of usurpers, who will go on pushing the country against its will towards communism or the Government shall follow a policy which genuinely commends itself to the majority of the public”.

Pundit Nehru failed to hand over the Indian establishment to the Communist mafia because of the rude setback he suffered at the hands of Red China in 1962. The planned nefarious operation of Nehru was completed by his daughter Indira Gandhi to a considerable extent. She had no political ideology worth the name except unbridled, unchecked, uncontrolled and unchallenged power for herself and her family. No wonder she was prone to use and be used by those unscrupulous elements who could support her single-minded pursuit of power. An unnoticed critical fact is that by the time Indira Gandhi split the Congress party in 1969, the Communist mafia had perfected the Kumaramangalam Plan of supporting her as the rope that supports the hanged man. And at the Bangalore session in 1969 she walked into the trap by ditching Sanjeeva Reddy in the quest of what she called “call of conscience”. Her walking into the trap was also prompted by the communist apparatus she had inherited from her father. I am reminded of what Lenin wrote in what is considered to be his matures work, namely “Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder”, first published in June 1920. This book has been the guiding principle of all the Communist States and Communist Parties in what is called their “United Front Tactics”. In this book Lenin wrote: “I want with my vote to support Henderson in the same way as the rope supports a hanged man”. Sonia Gandhi is getting such a guided and wonderful support from the CPI (M) and the CPI today!

Indira Gandhi surrounded herself with Moscow’s men and women, recruited directly from the Communist Party of India and its Fronts. PROGRESSIVE flocks from all over the country rushed to her RESCUE in her confrontation with known patriots of longstanding in her own party like Kamaraj, Morarji Desai, Nijalingappa and others. Such forces helped her to the hilt in retaining power. In exchange, they made her push her father’s communism-coveting policies farther and deeper a field and monopolized all positions of power and prestige in the truncated Congress Party called Congress (I). The crowning moment of glory for the Communist mafia was the establishment of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) which was created and financed on a fabulous scale for assembling communist “PROFESSORS” from all over the country for pontification on all subjects with puffed up authority and arrogance. These sycophants and time-servers became the bugle boys for the Congress (I) Party. This bunch of Moscow’s hatched men were guided, controlled, supervised and directed by P N Haksar, who was Indira Gandhi’s Principal Private Secretary.

People seem to have forgotten that this is the same mafia which had joined hands with British imperialism in 1942, receiving British patronage as well as largesse’s, and spied on the patriots locked in battle with the British Police during 1942-45. This is the same mafia which had hailed, all through 1967-69, Mao Tse-Tung as its Chairman, let loose a reign of terror and assassinations in West Bengal and elsewhere and played football with the heads of policemen it had decapitated. The tragedy today is that nobody seems to care as to how and by whom this Communist mafia is being financed and used after the collapse of the Soviet Union and whether it has been hired by the oil-rich Islamic Imperialism for working in close collaboration with the Fifth Column of Pakistan in this country. To crown it all what we are witnessing is that the Communist mafia has expanded its base, and recruited in its ranks most of those others who swear by Nehruvian Secularism. Thus the noose around the neck of our beloved Bharat Mata is complete and will only become tighter day by day! may be remembered that Pandit Nehru was by no means a unique character. Nor is Nehruism a unique phenomenon for that matter. Such weak minded persons and such subservient thought processes have been seen in all societies that have suffered the misfortune of being conquered and subjected to alien rule for some time. There are always people in all societies who confuse superiority of armed might with superiority of culture, who start despising themselves as belonging to an inferior breed and end by taking to the ways of the conqueror in order to regain self confidence, who begin finding faults with everything they have inherited from their forefathers, and who finally join hands with every force and factor which is out to subvert their ancestral society. Viewed in this perspective, Pandit Nehru was no more than a self alienated Hindu, and Nehruism is not much more than Hindubaiting born out of and sustained by a deep seated sense of inferiority vis a vis Islam, Christianity, and the modern West.



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