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The very first time I heard that the iconic Duo, Amir Khan – Rajkumar Hirani of 3 idiots fame are together in a new project, I was delighted. Rajkumar Hirani had been doing really a great job with projects like Munnabhai series & 3 idiots. These were top-drawer movies which brought about a positive change in the mindset of society. So did Amir Khan with his projects like LAGAN and to an extent Satyamev Jayte took television and cinema to new heights .I expected some really thought provoking and a social awakening product from them.

On a Saturday evening, filled with enthusiasm, off I went to the nearest theatre, bought an expensive ticket and was all set to see a social revolutionising film. I was surprising to see a concept of an alien, but trusted these brilliant wizards of cinema and continued to watch movie. But as the movie progressed my enthusiasm turned to disappointment and eventfully transformed in to blood boiling rage.

At every point in the story Hindu dharma, Hindu rituals and those of other religions were ridiculed. For reasons ‘unknown’, focus was heavily on Hindu dharma. It was like heavily taxing Hindu dharma and letting go others religion on a light penalty.

The Movie correctly highlights out two points

1) People are conned by some GOD men

2) People worship GOD only to satisfy their selfish needs and desires.

But we walk out with a feeling that religions are Fake. We feel ashamed of religious culture (especially HINDU culture).

The movie fails in pointing out the following facts

1)  Does Hindusum or any other religion teaches us to be greedy and to perform rituals just to get our selfish desires manifested or these rituals are misintrepreted due to ignorance of followers ?

2) What is the science of Idol worship according to VEDAS? Is it practiced the same way it is supposed to be or is it corrupted?

Movie does not even talk about the origin of this rituals and concepts or why it they have corrupted?

According to Hinduism the ultimate Goal of the life is to attain Moksha (a state free from material and worldly desires). All the rituals, philosophies are techniques to achieve this one ultimate GOAL.

Any moron or alien will not find GOD easily; he has to undergo lot of struggle to find him. He is GOD not your local PANWALA who is available around the block. One needs to build character to achieve GOD. Just by taking birth one cannot find GOD.  Even Arjuna was able to witness the Virat Avtar of GOD only after getting the knowledge of Bhagvath Geeta.

Let us analyse the controversial points of the Movie 

1) Idol Worship


The movie claims that idol worship is baseless and does not make any sense. They are mere stones and people are delusional to worship them. 

Hindusum does not put limitation to over GOD as either as form or formless. God according to Hindu dharma can take forms as well as be formless (pure energy)

1.   The images worshipped in temples are not mere statues, but are God himself incarnating as the Deity (archa-avatara).

2.    To understand the difference between a statue and a Deity requires education and training because Deity worship is a profound spiritual science,  just as quantum physics is a profound material science that can be understood only with education and training.

3.    God is a person with an eternal, transcendental form, as is mentioned not only in the Vedic scriptures, but also in the scriptures of the Semitic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

4.    Out of his immense love for us, God gives us the opportunity to practically serve him by descending to this world as the Deity that is made according to scriptural descriptions.

5.     The Deity does not limit God, because he is so unlimitedly powerful that he can accept an apparently limited form without becoming limited.

6.     Those who claim that God cannot manifest are denying God his defining omnipotence. Does God not have the omnipotence to do whatever he likes – including manifest through matter?  Does matter have so much power that it can counter God’s omnipotence and prevent God from manifesting through matter? Obviously not.

7.     Those who say that God cannot manifest as the Deity deny God the right to reciprocate the sincere love of his devotees. Who are we to deny God his rights?

8.     Among the two kinds of symbolism, ascending and descending, the Deity is an example of descending symbolism, in which what the symbol represents is inherently and inseparably connected with how it is represented.

9.     The Vedic scriptures explain that God is not “jealous” but is compassionate and so arranges for a system of multi-level worship that bears testimony to a unique concern for the individuality of the worshipper and an unparalleled flexibility of the worshipable in making himself accessible.

10. The aarti is a profound act of selfless devotion that signifies the offering of creation (represented by the various items offered during the arti) to the creator (represented by the Deity).

11.  The divinity of sacred texts cannot be experienced by defiantly tearing them apart to check whether they miraculously save themselves; their divinity can be experienced only by reading them with a devotional service attitude. The same principle applies to the Deity.

12.  Due to mistakenly lumping Deity worship with idolatry, the world has been deprived of the experience of divine beauty and so has become infatuated with worldly beauty, as is evident in the increasing hedonism of our times and the adulation of matinee idols.

13.  Millions of people all over the world are enriching themselves spiritually by practicing Deityworship. Many intelligent individuals born in the Semitic religions who have been devotionally enriched by Deity worship realize that the condemnation of Deity worship as idolatry is as absurd as a medical report saying “Prescription Wrong, Patient Cured.”





ganesha1 ganesha



Was Swami Vivekanada incorrect  in  advocating idol worship?



Was Shivaji Maharaj backward minded?

Why do then these filmstar worship Idol?



 hrithik salman

2) Temple worship:


Temples in India, were built as a very deep science. They were not created for just for worship. When I say temple, I am referring to the ancient temples. Most modern temples are built just the way you build shopping complexes. Temple building is a very deep science. If the basic aspects of the temple – the size and shape of the idol, the mudra that the idol holds, the parikrama, the garbha griha, and the mantras used to consecrate the idol are properly matched, a powerful energy system is created.

Traditionally, they told you, if you go to the temple, you must sit for a while and come. But today you just touch your bottom to the floor and run away. This is not the way. You are required to sit there because there is a field of energy that has been created. In the morning, before you go out into the world, the first thing you do is you go sit in the temple for a while. This is a way of recharging yourself with very positive vibrations of life so that you go into the world with a different perspective. The temple was not created as a place of God or a place of prayer. No one was ever allowed to lead a prayer. It was created as a place of energy where everyone could go and make use of it.

Addition to that temples in Olden days used to carry out a lot of social service, used to provide shelter and employment to Homeless, hence temple building were encouraged. People who were unable to do social work (Grihastas) were expected to donate a part of their income to temples and help them, hence the system of donation. In Indian tradition, no one told you that if you go to a temple, you must worship and give money and ask for something. This is something that people have started now.


So sardar vallab bhai patel .the iron man of india rebuild the ancient Somnath temple because he was afraid or something?


So were people like Shivaji maharaj & Krishnadevraya , Lokmany Tilak were overpowered by fear fear hence they build temple and regularly visited it?

3) Hindu names



With lips like those of Jack Nicholson, Anushka Sharma keeps cribbing about how bad , pathetic and old fashioned her name ‘jagat jannai ” is. Let’s have a look at what the name actually means:

It means mother of world. This name is very revered in Indian culture and is associated with Godess like Durga maa.

The character preferes  “Jaggu ” a rowdy sounding name, to the above mentioned name. What does the movie makers intent to turn us in to? There is nothing to be ashamed of those names. People with such superficial thinking should be ashamed. Any holy persons will give a traditional name with some deep meaning in it.

What do you expect a holy person to name a new born child: Sunny Leone?

4) Holy persons

It’s true that lot of people in the name of religion are conning people and media and television should highlight that. But there are also people who are doing very good job why media is not covering them.  Why not make movies on great saints of India who delivered us out of blind-faith? Why only the dark side is highlighted?

If distrusting Pakistani is a stereotype they why distrusting Hindu holy men is not a stereotype. The number of Pakistani terrorists is much more than fraud Hindu God men.

5) Hindu Rituals



a) Shivling abhishek


Shiva is considered the destroyer of all evils; he consumes all the negative energy from this world which may harm this universe. The milk during shravan maas is not beneficial to health, hence it is considered as harmful .In olden days there were excess production of milk all round the year hence instead of throwing, it was used as Abhishek to worship lord Shiva which also served  as a signal for the people to stop using MILK. It’s now that people have started using Abhishekam all round the year in order to get their selfish pursuits fulfilled.

b) Sayana-pradakshinam


Shayana Pradakshinam is done in a lying posture. It starts with a Sashtanga Namaskara in front of the sanctum sanctorum. In Sashtanga Namaskara, the devotees have eight parts of their bodies touching the ground. Thus forehead, chest, shoulders, hands and knees touch the ground. The folded hands will be directed always towards the deity. In this pose, the devotees circumambulate on the Pradakshina path.
What happens when we perform a ” sayana-pradakshinam “? We are exposing our entire physical body to that path trodden by millions of devotees, and we absorb that divya chaitanyam or divine positive energy through the surface of the entire body. And to add to it, we are in total surrender to the Lord in what we call ” Saranagati ” . When a person offers himself in body and spirit to the Lord in total surrender, he becomes one of the foremost of Bhaktas. And we know that Bhakti is one of the most important ingredients to attain Mukti or Moksha.

6) Hindu attire

So the religious GURU was fraud  but what is wrong with the traditional attire. If the god men is fraud that does not mean your enitre cultre ,attire belifs are wrong why change in to western cloths?




In Hinduism the point of worship is not just asking for favours. It’s about understanding GOD. It’s due to corruption and lack of understanding people resort to selfishly asking favour or (vardaan) like demons do in scriptures. A movie should highlight these points. It should show a religion in its true light rather than depicting it bad light.





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