E.N.E.R.G.Y Your Sutra for positive thinking‟

Let’s see how the power of positive thinking can help us overcomeexternal and internal negativity.

External negativity
When a ship sails the high seas, water that can sink the ship is all around it as far as the eye can see. But none of that water can sink the ship till it gets in to the ship. Similarly when we embark on an ambitious project, negative talk may bombard us from all directions. But none of that negativity can defeat us till we let it enter into our minds and discourage us. We never lose till we lose hope.

Darker the night, brighter the stars. Similarly, tougher the situation, greater the chance for us to access our latent strengths. Darker the blackboard, better for the person to write on. Similarly, more the negativity surrounding an activity, greater is our chance to do something unexpectedly wonderful. Why should we place ourselves amidst people who discourage us? Even if we can’t avoid them entirely, why should we let their words enter into our hearts?

Internal negativity
A talented but pessimistic Bata shoe salesman visited a remote tribal town to explore sales prospect. He returned, disappointed,”No potential; everybody walks barefoot there.” Another less talented, but more optimistic salesman visited the same place and mailed his head office,” Huge potential; no one wears shoes here; everybody a prospective customer.” A winner finds a solution to every problem; a loser finds a problem with a every solution.

Helen Keller, blind and deaf since the age of two, was the first deaf- blind person to graduate from college and went on to become a famous writer and speaker. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she used her condition to reach out to millions of people and touch their hearts.There are enough Helen Kellers in the world to prove that no limitation is inescapably limiting, if it does not limit us mentally. Let us not be disheartened by negative perceptions of situations.

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