Ever since a guy named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi walked on Indian soil, protesting has been the way of life here. While Gandhi protested against the British, we protest against everything. To give you an example, when the Mumbai police recently cracked down on auto guys with tampered meters, THERE WAS A PROTEST AND A STRIKE!

I don’t think there can be a more ridiculous protest than that. Or at least I thought, till the Kudankulam protest came along.

Honestly, I tried really hard to contemplate the reasons for this protest. But the more I think about it, more I feel there is something majorly wrong.


For starters


Tamil Nadu, as a state, has never been flush with electricity. During my engineering days, my University was subjected to a daily power-cut of two-three hours. That too, bang in the middle of the blazing afternoon. I used to wonder sometimes, whether this was a cunning plan by the Electricity board to ensure students like me, instead of dozing off in our rooms, attended afternoon classes (The classrooms had generator back-up).

Well, the reason was far simpler than that. The power situation, even back then, was dire. This was in 2006.

Which was when, Tamil Nadu decided to go for big ticket industrialization.

While pitching the whole, ‘Tamil Nadu is an industrial destination’, to the rich people, TN state planners overlooked a very tiny fact of life. That industries need something called, ‘Electricity’.

Which explains why, even though new industries were being added at the pace of a Chris Gayle inning, augmenting the state’s creaking electricity generating capacity was totally forgotten. I say creaking, because bulk of Tamil Nadu’s power, needed for the new and the existing industries, still came from its three oldest plants, the Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), Tuticorin Power Plant and the nuclear power station at Kalpakkam.

The youngest power plant amongst these, The Madras Atomic power station, was established in 1985.

In other words, these three are

The AK Hangals of Power Generation

Now, these new TN industries were not your small cute cottage ones, which had miniscule power requirements. They were your big badass ones, like automobiles, electronics, textiles etc etc, the Hummers of the power consumption world. The ones that consumed 100’s of MWs, just to remain idle.

The inevitable had to happen.

In 2011, when these new industries got ready to roll, TN’s total power requirement jumped to 12,000 MW. As the rulers, had forgotten to add to the state’s existing electricity generation capacity, the total power output, stood at 9000 MW’s.

Power Generation in T.N  –  Power Requiement in T.N = - 3000 MW. 

You know the state is in trouble, when there is a minus before that figure. Because, it means,

TAMIL NADU HAS A POWER DEFICIT OF 3000 MW. There is no power left in Tamil Nadu.

You can find details of the apocalyptic power situation in Tamil Nadu, here.

Now, to account for that huge deficit in power and balancing the requirements of the industry with that of the aam junta, the electricity guys started something, called the ‘load-shedding activity’.

Which meant statewide power cuts for 3-8 hours. Everyday, including bank holidays.

Now you know, why your granny can’t watch her favorite afternoon serial. And you have to suffer horrible power cut jokes on your FB/Twitter timeline.

Like this

Translates to, ‘When will I get the electricity’

Or this one

or this one

To sum it up, Tamil Nadu today, does not have power and is heading for a complete catastrophe. And the only thing that can save it, is a superhero, whose superpower is to generate unlimited electricity.

No, Not this guy

That too immediately.

Enter Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant.

If you did not know, Kudankulam was built with Russian help. And, Russia isn’t exactly known for its subtlety.

For the Russians, this is ‘A Small Room’

So, in true, big badass Russian style, they helped us build a reactor complex, which has four reactors. And when commissioned will generate a total of 10,000 MegaWatts of Power.

And of the four, Two are ready.

These two reactors, if started, will instantaneously transform Tamil Nadu, from a beggar to a millionaire as far as power is concerned. For the common man, this will mean no more load shedding, no more afternoon TV missings. It will enable the students to rediscover the lost tradition of the afternoon nap. The industry will begin function at peak capacity, finally resulting in the progress and prosperity of Tamil Nadu.

And of course, It will once and for all solve the power crisis in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu will never have power cuts ever again.

So, Why protest against something that is going to solve the states’ most critical problem?

More importantly, Why protest now? When


This is the Kudankulam power plant

One thing is quite clear, IT IS BIG.

This is not some small time, illicit kallu sarayam factory that blossomed overnight. They have been building this thing for 24 damn years. Right there, in Kudankulam. Under the very eyes of most of the protestors.

For 24 years. 

Just to give you an idea on how long it has been; the initial survey for the Kudankulam plant was not done by Russia, but by the Soviet Union, whose Premier was Mikhael Gorbachev. When the site was finally decided, Rajiv Gandhi was still alive and was busy kick-backing. And, Sachin Tendulkar was a talented 17 year old who was just pitchforked into the Indian team, before he had played a Ranji Trophy match.

My question to the protestors is, what were you doing all this while? Waiting for Sachin to score 100 hundreds?

Sure, some people will point out that there were protests against the plant, since1987. But those were your little protests, protests that happen in India everyday. The meetings where 20-30 old men, armed with conspiracy theories and a lot of time, hold up one placard and call it a protest.

If you happened to read that link, the biggest protest against the plant, had a grand total of 150 people.

That protest looked something…like this

More people participated, back in my college, in a protest against the mess food.

Today, after 24 years of continuous construction, when the plant is finally complete and ready to go critical, suddenly you have a mob of 20,000 people converging onto this hitherto non-descript village and make a very big fuss. It is as if, these 20,000 people had a simultaneous epiphany regarding the Kudankulam power station.

This feeling, occuring simultaneously, in 20,000 ppl

And these guys are so bloody stubborn. Even when Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a man who knows a little bit about nuclear science, personally came down to Kudankulam and assured them on the plant’s safety, they simply refused to budge.

Do the protestors know something that Dr Kalam doesn’t?  Have they utilized the intervening period of 24 years to do an in-depth study on the plant’s effect on the local eco-system? Do they possess conclusive, scientific proof that Kudankulam is unsafe?

Do they have enough data to prove all Indian scientists, starting from Dr Kalam and down, conclusively wrong?

Simply put, does the protest have a strong, scientific foundation to it?

Turns out


When you are protesting against a project, which involves a branch of science, that is out of bounds for 99 percent of the scientific community, you need to tick two boxes

1. The Guy who is leading the protest should be qualified.

2. The arguments that he, which by extension covers the whole protest, is putting forth should be scientifically credible.

For item no 1, let us meet the leader of this agitation. A certain gentleman called S P Udayakumar, or as it appears in the media, Dr S P Udayakumar.

I give it to him, that he means business when he argues against the plant. And the vehemence he argues, makes Arnab Goswami look like that timid Scooby Doo sidekick, Shaggy. And in today’s world of television, that is all you need to get you the airtime.

What our glorious media didn’t do was, verify whether this dude had the standing and the merit to elucidate on this subject. A subject which as I said before, is out of bounds for anybody except the best of the best of the best, scientists. I assume the guys in the studio just saw the prefix Dr, deduced Dr = Knowledgeable man = Rightful leader of the protest, and made him an all India phenomenon.

It is not a difficult ask you know, to verify Udayakumar’s merit on this subject. It is not as if they are looking for India’s nuclear launch codes.

Turns out, he is not.

Dr SP Udayakumar, is a Masters in Literature from Kerala University, and a P.Hd in Political Science from the University of Hawaii.


India’s biggest nuclear power plant is today being held hostage by a literary arts dude.

Mein appki feelings samajh sakti hoon, aap log please Baith Jaiye.

How in this Universe, is a political science guy, qualified to lead a protest against a Nuclear power plant? Mind you as a leader, this guy does not stop himself with presenting his outrageous theories about the plant to the innocent villagers. He is also actively blocking, genuine attempts made by the government, to present an accurate picture to the Kudankulam people.

According to him, a PH.D in Political Science, knows more about the nittie-gritties of a Nuclear power plant, than someone who is a P.HD in, well, actual science.

Checklist Item 1, FAIL. 

I am not saying, that protests led by people, who do not have the requisite qualifications, are flawed. All I am saying, is that the protest, should have the necessary justification. If Dr Udayakumar feels he is not qualified to do an in-depth scentific study himself, all he had to do was commission some actual scientists. They could undersand the plant, analyze its effects on the local population and submit a full fledged paper.

Which brings us to Item no 2 on the checklist

Where is a report/paper/study for Kudankulam, on the basis of which, Dr Udaya Kumar is fighting? A report that provides the scientific justification for the protest.

I tried hard to find one that resembled what I mentioned above. After arduous googling, this is what I found, a post written by Dr Udaya Kumar himself, on the perils of Kudankulam.

This was, by far, the worst document I have seen in my life, and this includes my own writing. And, that is saying something.

First and foremost, the document has absolutely no sources, no citations. Nothing, zilch. I mean, I run a supposedly humorous website, named after a comedy character in a Tamil movie and I cite sources. So how can someone get away without citing any, especially when you consider that fact that he is trying to relocate a nuclear power plant?

As for the points in the post, they are so awfully bad, that even a conspiracy theorist will reject them as outrageous.

For Example

Point no 1: Even when the KKNPP projects function normally without any incidents and accidents, they would be emitting Iodine 131, 132, 133, Cesium 134, 136, 137 isotopes, strontium, tritium, tellurium and other such radioactive particles into our air, land, crops, cattle, sea, seafood and ground water. Already the southern coastal belt is sinking with very high incidence of cancer, mental retardation, down syndrome, defective births due to private and government sea-sand mining for rare minerals including thorium. The KKNPP will add many more woes to our already suffering people.

If you didn’t bother to read it, here is the gist. The dude says, because of the radioactive materials leaving the plant and mixing with the water and food, something like this is going to happen in Kudankulam, really really soon

Now, this is the city of Mumbai.

As you can see, there is a nuclear reactor, right in the middle of the city. A city of 30 Million people.

And last known, they have not transformed into some version of The Incredible Hulk meets the Godzilla. Which means, people of Kudankulam and the nearby villages are safe from the ‘monster’ that is the Kudankulam power plant.

And if you think in case of a disaster, the whole area will be wiped out and thousands will die, then well you are wrong.

The total number of fatalities, directly or indirectly, due to a Nuclear power plant meltdown, from 1960-2011, across the globe, is FIFTY.



Hell, the probability of Kudankulam people, getting killed after being run over by a bicycle, is higher.

Another one

Point no 3:  More than 1 million people live within the 30 km radius of the KKNPP which far exceeds the AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) stipulations. It is quite impossible to evacuate this many people quickly and efficiently in case of a nuclear disaster at Koodankulam.

This is the map in and around the Koodankulam power plant, with a radius of 40 kms in all directions. 10 Kms more than what Dr Udayakumar has considered.

Now, the Kudankulam power plant, is flanked by three major sub-districts.

To the North is Radhapuram sub-district ,which includes the Koodankulam power plant itself. Total Population: 2, 64, 595

To the West is Agastheeswaram sub-district, Total Population: 4, 93, 852. Now the two major population centres in this sub-district, cities of Kaniyakumari and Nagerkoil, are more than 50 Kms away from the plant.

Take them out, the figure falls down to, 1,29, 371.

To the east is Sathankulam sub-district. Total population: 96, 820.

Total population, of the area as specified by Dr Udaya kumar + 10 Kms:  4, 90, 786

Only 5,00,000 short of the Million people as claimed by Udayakumar.

This dude, to get his point across, has straight up doubled the population of the nearby areas. And in some interviews, he is even quoting the population as 1.5 million.

This guy, simply put, exaggerating the local population numbers to Bibilical proportions.

Finally, the population of the village of Koodankulam: 11, 029. In his quest for some grandiose statistic, he forgot this one. 


Point 6:  The quality of construction and the pipe work and the overall integrity of the KKNPP structures have been called into question by the very workers and contractors who work there in Koodankulam. There have been international concerns about the design, structure and workings of the untested Russian-made VVER-1000 reactors.

The Chinese have been building a power plant with Russian help, equipped with the same VVER-1000 Nuclear reactor.

A short while ago, this very reactor was declared as the safest nuclear reactor in the world. That too not by some literary arts dude like Dr Udaya kumar, but by the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA). You know the global agency responsible for the safety of Nuclear power plants.



For me, the whole post reads as if the Kudankulam Power plant is the harbinger of apocalypse for the state of Tamil Nadu and India in general. That too in the ‘I Say So, So it must be true’ mode of argument.

I really wanted to fisk the whole thing, but these three points prove what I set ou to prove

Whatever this guy is saying is total tosh.

Which means there is absolutely no scientific basis for this protest.

Checklist Item no 2: BIG FAIL

Before somebody says, let me admit that I am not a nuclear physicist or a scientist. There is this comprehensive government report which counters every argument of this dude.

BTW, DR Udaya Kumar, if by any chance you happen to read this, please tell me why do you keep asking the government for white papers, black papers, etc etc to prove Kudankulam is safe. Isn’t is bloody time you give a document like the one above to prove why Kudankulam is unsfe? 

So to sum it up, the reasons for the protests are dodgy, the timing is skeptical and there is not even a tiny thread of rationality behind it. So why protest at all?

Unless of course


Note: Previously, this post had mistakenly stated, that the total number of deaths due to power plant meltdowns was Forty-Seven. In reality, the figure is Fifty. This post was updated on 23-March-2012, to reflect the same. 

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