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We see that, most of the Hindu leaders lack enough understanding of various issues including the hostile ideologies in international Kurukshetra. Same goes with the Hindu saints and temple leaders, who are just happy with their own set of followers and organization, they tend to discourage the followers to understand the other ideologies i.e. “Purvapaksha”. These leaders are so myopic, that themselves try to create a separate sect and identity and a friction between other Hindu belief systems, instead joining hands and understanding the international kurukshetra of hostile Ideologies like, Islam, Christianity, Marxism, etc.
Transcript from other talk of Rajiv’s Q&A session.

“The key point is mutuality of respect is a very important Dharmic element. But, before that I would like to comment on ‘The whole world is a family’, by pointing out that a family does NOT make all ‘Identical’, you can have a family where a bunch of good guys and bad guys, some are more knowledgeable and some are less evolved. So, when you say that the whole world is a family, by itself, that statement does NOT mean that we are the same.

Mutual respect has to a necessary condition before we include the other person and here is a reason I want to give you.

In the body, there is a wide diversity of cells. Many kinds of the cells in the body. But, the cancerous cell does NOT respects the ‘Others’, in the way healthy cells respects each other.
The organic, normal, healthy cells respect each other, but the cancerous cell is a predator, which say I do NOT respect your integrity, its not like a exchange between the diverse cells, that are trading things and molecules and so on with each other, because I am just going to prey on you and my GOAL is to ‘convert’ you to become an IDENTICAL cancerous clone like me and keep extending my turf.
So, the cancerous cell is NOT believing in ‘Mutual Respect’, and the cancerous cell is that which feeds on its healthy prey who believe in all the world is a nice family, and we live nicely with each other.

But, the cancerous cell is very stupid, because it keeps going on expanding its own territory, but also keeps shrinking its own habitat. Because, it actually needs the nutrients from the healthy cells, as the cancerous cell is not self-sufficient. The cancerous cell just like a predator is not self-sufficient, it needs to eat its prey (healthy cells). So, as this cancerous cell continuous its agenda of expanding, while simultaneously its habitat is shrinking, so what happens is that in the end, when all healthy cells are eaten up, the patient (the body) dies.

What happens to the cancer cell when the patient dies, the CANCER also dies.
So, when no more prey is left, the predator also go extinct. So, its a stupid system.

Therefore, if you say, we respect everybody including the cancerous cell. Well, the cancerous cell is going to finish you off, as its its nature.”

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