As India enters 65th year of its ‘independence’ from Britain, it is time to pause and reflect as what caused 300 years old British Empire to dissolve and crumble within 20 years of the end of World War 2.
Who can be called father of India or 100+ Third World Countries or De-Colonization?
Lies being taught;
Congress Party under leadership of Mohandasss Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru by their non violent Quit India movement got India its Independence.
Nehru getting cosy with Edvina
It was said that even in his dreams Nehru only dreamed of Edvina Mountbatten.
Now the truth;
Let us examine the role of Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler or Clement Atlee, in India’s freedom in the light of events preceding Indian Independence in 1947;
Under World War 2 Treaty of Versailles, Germany was cut in several pieces and gifted to other nations. Since 1935, some of these several pieces i.e. Saar region, Rhineland, Austria, Sudetenland by the movements of their own citizens gradually rejoined their fatherland – Germany without a single shot being fired.
Danzig and German Corridor was last of such places with 98% German Population. From March 1939, Poland began programme of extermination of Germans in this city and murdered more than 45,000 Germans. On August 10, 1939;  Albert Forster, Gauleiter for Danzig, addressed a crowd of 100,000 in Danzig and invited Adolf Hitler to free them from tyranny of Polish communists. On August 25, 1939, Germany asks for plebiscite in this area to allow Freedom to people of this city to choose their own destiny. Poland/England refused to allow Plebiscite or freedom to people to choose their own destiny. On September 1, 1939, Germany enters German city Dangiz (under illegal Polish Possession) to protect German citizens from further massacre. On September 3, 1939, England and France declare war on Germany thus beginning World War 2. See here for causes of world war-2
After end of 6 years, 72 million had died, Europe and Britain lay in ruins and communist Russia took over half of Europe including Poland and that small German city of Danzig (part of Germany in 1918 whose citizens were denied Freedom by England) over which England and France declared War on Germany thus beginning World War 2. Neville chamberlain refused to allow plebiscite in Danzig and declared war on Germany, Winston Churchill twice declined peace offer by Hitler once when France fell and second when Germany allowed besieged English forces to escape from Dunkirk and instead continued on his path of England’s destruction.
World War 2 or Churchill’s / Hitler’s war;adolf-hitler
Even if Indians had wanted England to stay and built remaining railways, airports, dams, roads, bridges laying down of electric cables and water pipes etc (which incidentally have not been built even after 60 years by corrupt Congress regime – but blueprints prepared by English are still available), Britain would have left India in 1947 purely for its own military and economic insolvency back home.
Before Hitler, England and France had attacked and enslaved more than 100 countries and 100s of billions of its citizens in Africa, Asia, America including Canada, and Australia, New Zealand etc. England & France were like a big bully of your school snatching away candy of small children the 3rd world countries. America got its independence by armed struggle with the help of French Army because of fighting between England & France over world domination. In 1939, Before WW-2, Britain occupied 25% of total land area on earth and 25% of world population.
Then along came Hitler who single handedly made German a superpower in a matter of five years. Hitler was a genius. Son of a customs official it took tremendous ability to rise from an obscure background of a corporal in 1919 to mastery of a nation in 1933 that had long been governed by aristocratic elites. And it took greater ability still to elevate that nation in a mere 5 years from demoralization and bankruptcy to mastery of a continent. He was also attacked by England and France. But this time England and France took on more than they could chew. France was overrun in a matter of 2 weeks; England lay in ruins and became insolvent. From a zero in 1933, Hitler took Germany to such heights that it took the might of all powers America, Britain, China, Russia, France and 50 other nations etc to defeat Germany. His defeat was mainly due because his enemies (US, USSR, England, France, China and 50 other nations) had far more resources to prevail. Adolf didn’t. Hitler had also banned atomic and chemical weapons.See here for details.
Within 20 years of the end of WW2 Britain was back to its small hole in Atlantic. After WWII, Britain left not only India but nearly all its other holdings, including Jordan in 1946, Palestine in 1947, Sri Lanka in 1948, Myanmar in 1948, and Egypt in 1952 and 50 other nations within years thereafter. For the same reason, France also had to grant independence to Laos in 1949 and Cambodia in 1953, and had to leave Vietnam in 1954 and other 30 nations within years thereafter. None of the other nations whether under England or French Colonialism had Mohandass K Gandhi, or Subash Chander Bose yet all countries got their independence.
Hitler thus takes the credit for an action that freed 100+ countries and billions of people from slavery and tyranny of Britain and France. Every one of these countries had their own freedom fighters, People like Subash Chander Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chander Shekhar Azad, Gandhi etc but they were only ‘also ran’ category and were not critical or even main players in Independence of 100+ nations.
Thanks to Hitler, those 100 nations who were like small children whose candies were being snatched by big bullies like England and France for their desire of world domination got their freedom from these tyrants. Has any other person does so much for freedom of the 100s of the billions of the humans of world?
In fact if the Second World War had not taken place; England may have never left India. Maybe the 21st century would have dawned with England still owning its colonies and sun never setting on English empire. But for Hitler several billion people in 70+ colonies of England might still be singing ‘God Save the Queen’.This is not an airy statement but one very plausible. The credit for reducing Great Britain to this dire strait thus must go to Hitler who financially and militarily destroyed England, where holding on to colonies became impossible or impracticable. The following are the details of destruction and losses suffered by England because of Hitler;
Military losses;
England suffered loss of approx 5,000,000 men (including civilians), several million more lay injured and incapacitated or disabled. It affected almost 8% of entire population on England before start of war. Its naval supremacy came to no use. Air supremacy ruled. Most of its cities and industries lay in ruins. In India, England had greatly inducted Hindus in its army for use in World War 2. Now the Hindus had nowhere else to fight. They greatly outnumbered English force. The strength of Hindus in the English army had increased from 200,000 to 2,500,000 Hindus. England manpower stood at same levels at less than 70,000 men. For England to maintain its hold over India it required at least one Englishman against three locals. They required 800,000 more men. England had no more forces to commit, rather it required its own manpower back in England to rebuild it as most of its cities and industries lay in ruins.
Economic conditions;
Within 1 year of war, England had spent all it gold and dollar reserves. England’s Treasury was empty. During the war it was dependent on lend lease from United States which US ended after War on September 2nd, 1945. Under the lend lease, a total of $31.4 billion (at 1939 prices) aid was given by US to Britain, Now it may be worth 100 billion.  In the 1945 General Election Attlee led the Labor Party to triumph at the polls. People of England had realized that Winston Churchill was a war monger and for his personal excitement in seeing death had led them to an unnecessary war, (,  killing 72 million including 500,000 of its own citizens. People of England were angry with huge extravaganza of war over a small German city of Danzig and horrendous conclusions when Danzig along with whole of Poland and half of Europe was gifted to arch enemy Russia. England became insolvent. England begged more funds from Washington. To stave off Insolvency of England, US provided a low interest loan of $3.75 billion in 1946, followed by Marshall Plan (“European Recovery Program”) grants of $3 billion (which was 25% of total plan outlay under Marshall Plan). It had no money to pay for large Indian workforce of several million. Both the manpower and money were essentially needed at home to rebuild its destroyed cities and industries.
Food shortages;
England suffered food shortages. Food rationing was introduced. In 1945 rationing levels were (All figures per person per week); Bacon & Ham was limited to 113 g, sugar 227 g, tea 57 g, meat 57 g, cheese 28 g, butter 57 g, sweets 340 g even biscuits and cereals all rationed. Food rationing increased after the War. Bread, was rationed from 1946 to 1948; potato rationing began in 1947.
Reason for Independence as given during debate in England’s House of Commons;
“We have recruited our workers for the war; they have been demobilized after the war. They are required to repair the factories damaged by Hitler’s bombers. Moreover, they want to join their kith and kin after five and a half years of separation. Their kith and kin also want to join them. In these conditions if we have to rule India for a long time, we have to keep a permanent British army for a long time in a vast country of four hundred millions. We have no such army….” Sir Stafford Cripps, intervening in the debate on the motion to grant Indian Independence in the British House of Commons in 1947 quoted in ‘The Freedom Struggle and the Dravidian Movement’ by P. Ramamurti, Orient Longman, 1987.

Neville Chamberlain declared World War-2 when he declared war on Germany and Winston Churchill is responsible for end of Empire when he twice refused peace offer by Hitler, once when Paris fell and twice when Hitler allowed British forces to evacuate safely / escape from Dunkirk.

Role of Subash Chander Bose in India’s freedom;
Many of my friends have called for role of Subash Chander Bose. Their arguments are ; Gandhi, launched the “Quit India” movement in August 1942, demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Britishfrom India or face nationwide civil disobedience. Along with all other Congress leaders, Gandhi was immediately imprisoned, and the country erupted in small violent demonstrations. The large war- time British Army presence in India led to most of the movement being crushed in a little more than six weeks;
With Congress leaders in jail after quit India movement, attention turned to Subhas Bose, who had been ousted from the Congress in1939 Bose turned to the Axis powers for help with liberating India by force. With Japanese support, he organized the Indian National Army, composed largely of Indian soldiers of the British Indian army who had been captured at Singapore by the Japanese. Provisional Government of Azad Hind (Free India), presided by Bose, was short lived; after the reverses of 1944, the reinforced British Indian Army in 1945 first halted and then reversed the Japanese offensive, beginning the successful part of the Burma Campaign. Bose’s Indian National Army surrendered with the recapture of Singapore.

When Japan Surrendered, the British charged 20,000 men with treason. They decided to hold the Trial in Public at the red fort in Delhi. The first three of Bose’s men to be charged were a Hindu, a Muslim and a Sikh. On November 21 and 23, 1945 a mass demonstration took place in Kolkota (Calcutta). Police shot more than 200 people of whom 33 died. Then the British decided to put on trial only those men INA men who were charged with committing murder or brutality against other POW’s. However, Kolkata (Calcutta) simply exploded when in February 1946, Abdul Rashid Khan of INA was given seven years imprisonment for murder. Unrest began with Muslims and soon joined by students. Both the Police and Army were called to put down the ‘almost revolution’. This time nearly 400 hundred people were shot down out of whom nearly 100 were killed. Khan’s trial gave thousands of Indian’s an excuse to revolt. revolt started with Sailor’s mutiny it spread from Karachi to Bombay and from Vizag to Calcutta involving 78 ships, 20 shore establishments and 20,000 men/sailors. British forbade BBC from broadcasting the revolt.
This sailor’s revolt / mutiny spurred the new Labour government in Britain to action, leading to the Cabinet Mission to India led by the Secretary of State for India, Lord Pethick Lawrence, including Sir Stafford Cripps, who had visited four years earlier. The Labour government in Britain, its cities at home in ruins, its exchequer insolvent by World War II, and conscious that it did not have the mandate at home, decided to end British rule of India, and in early 1947 Britain announced its intention of transferring power no later than June 1948.
Points to ponder:
With all respect to people of India and particularly to those of Bengal I have a few questions?
1. INA (Indian national Army) was made up of Indian POWS captured by Japan in WW2, If there was no WW2 there would have been no INA.
2.  If Japan was not at war with England in WW2, Japan would not have supported INA?
3.     If there was no INA, there would be no trials. No trials – No mutiny – No riots.
4.     WW2 strength of natives in English army would have remained at 200,000 and ratio unaffected.
Even Subash Chander Bose knew that Key to billions of people around the World from tyranny of England and France lay with Adolf Hitler, and so he decided to meet him.

So we go back to answering the question – what led to India’s and 100 other countries to freedom within 20 years of end of World War 2 and financial and military destruction of England in World War 2? There is only one Answer – Adolf Hitler or Neville Chamberlain who declared World war-2 or Winston Churchill who twice refused cease fire / peace offer by Hitler.

Role of Mohandass K Gandhi In India’s freedom;
Gandhi and the Congress Party opted for a “Quit India Movement” against the British in 1942 and he spread the slogan “Do or Die,” which in fact Subhas Chander Bose had proposed in 1938. The British government arrested all the top Congress Party leaders. The movement fizzled out entirely within a matter of six weeks. In fact as they had hanged Bhagat Singh they could have easily done away with Gandhi or imprisoned him in a far away island like they imprisoned Napoleon at St. Helena in the South Atlantic. British had propped up Gandhi for harmless fun secure in their knowledge that its non-violent movement had no effect on them.
Chief Justice P.B. Chakrabarty of Calcutta High Court, who had also served as the acting Governor of West Bengal in India, disclosed the following in a letter addressed to the publisher of Dr. R.C. Majumdar’s book A History of Bengal:
“You have fulfilled a noble task by persuading Dr. Majumdar to write this history of Bengal and publishing it … In the preface of the book Dr. Majumdar has written that he could not accept the thesis that Indian independence was brought about solely or predominantly by the non-violent civil disobedience movement of Gandhi. When I was the acting Governor, Lord Atlee, who had given us independence by withdrawing the British rule from India, spent two days in the Governor’s palace at Calcutta during his tour of India. At that time I had a prolonged discussion with him regarding the real factors that had led the British to quit India. My direct question to him was that since Gandhi’s “Quit India” movement had tapered off quite some time ago and in 1947 no such new compelling situation had arisen that would necessitate a hasty British departure, why did they have to leave? In his reply Atlee cited several reasons, the principal among them being the erosion of loyalty to the British Crown among the Indian army and navy personnel as a result of the military activities of Netaji [Subhash Chandra Bose]. Toward the end of our discussion, I asked Atlee what was the extent of Gandhi’s influence upon the British decision, to quit India? Hearing this question, Atlee’s lips became twisted in a sarcastic smile, as he slowly chewed out the word, “m-i-n-i-m-a-l!” ”
It was Clement Atlee’s training as Political Diplomat that he did not use the word “n-o-n-e”.
Worshiping false Gods. Many have made a trade of delusions and false propaganda, deceiving the stupid multitude.Blinding Ignorance does mislead us. O wretched mortals, open your eyes! Source-


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