By Chaitanya Charan das

Breaking India is a myth-shattering book. It exposes the façade of cultural malevolence masquerading as humanitarian benevolence. It documents painstakingly the danger to India’s political integrity and thereby its spiritual foundation from a perspective that commands respect and demands action: the perspective of objective facts – some unknown, some little known and some known-but-neglected – molded into an incisive, exhaustive and persuasive narrative.  With a large majority of Hindus unaware of or indifferent to the dangers to their culture and with those Hindus who are aware and active being quickly (and often inaccurately) being labeled as right-wing throwbacks, forces explicitly hostile to Hindu culture have been able to initiate and propagate their nefarious agendas and strategies while still maintaining a respectable image in the public eye.

Those of us who are working for the protection of universal dharma from exclusivist ideologies need to fervently thank the authors of BI for illuminating the sociopolitical dimension of the confrontation and thus driving home the urgency of remedial action plans.

When books like BI that document the danger to Indian culture are coupled with books that explain the glory, the vitality and the universality of India’s spiritual foundation, then that combination can bring about an intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social arousal of Indians that can rejuvenate the sagging Indian morale that allowed the hostile forces to enter in the first place and thus tackle the problem of root. Such well-researched and well-reasoned books need to reach those with the concern and the influence to shape India’s destiny – which ultimately means every single Indian.

Chaitanya Charan Das is a celibate teacher at ISKCON, Pune. An electronics and telecommunications engineer by education, he is also an editor for ISKCON’s global magazine “Back to Godhead” and is the author of eight books and over 200 articles, many of which are posted on his site

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