By Dr. Sandhya Subramanian

Spiritualists and materialists are as different as peas in a pod. Not just that they have totally different perspectives to life, but also the variegated ness of their beliefs, opinions and views which always seem to be at loggerheads. No doubt the materialists believe that the spiritualists are nothing but escapists , running away from life and its complexities. Turning their backs to the society and its norms. Turning a blind eye to their own needs and of their loved ones …blah blah blah ….so on and so forth. No doubt the perspectives are completely different….what to speak of the modern mantra of Live Life King size..and Yeh Dil mange more and Just do it!

These are the slogans of the present hip crowd.

Earlier…Nike said Just do it! To increase their sales but today’s material girls and boys proclaim. We have “Just done it”. Now what the heck! Spiritualists are looked upon as prudes from some different age altogether. No wonder it is considered completely old fashioned to go to the temples or any place of worship and what to speak of attending a kirtan! Unheard of for the young crowd.

Anyway popular notion among the people that spiritualists are usually people who are frustrated with life, especially love. Someone like a Dev D ! Unrequited love pushes the hero towards alcoholism and degradation . Far from elevating his consciousness it pushes him to the depths of despair. In fact it is completely the opposite. Just as in Dev D, the hero to forget his lost love drowns himself in alcohol and drugs and destroys himself. Now that is what I call escapism. Is it not? Trying to escape the harsh reality of life by remaining in a drunken stupor! On the contrary, those who seek the supreme are completely conscious of themselves and their goal is set high much above mundane love and conquests of this world.

Like eagles they soar high as their goals are much above the rest. Like the chataka bird gazes longingly at the sky for that one drop of rain which is completely pure the spiritualists have their eyes set high above the mundane achievements of this world. 

In one way don’t you feel it is more elevating and liberating, the desire to attain god realization. As love for God is said to be the highest motivating factor in this world. If all the alphabets correspond to numbers from 1 to 26, then hard work adds up to 94% and attitude is 100% but love of God takes you over the top with 101%. So you see, spiritualists strive for such kind of love rather than the mundane pleasures of love in this material world.

In fact we see the materialists who are so frustrated with the love in this world leading to the most gruesome murders and crimes due to adultery and extra marital affairs which seems to be gaining more and more comfort levels with the women in today’s India thanks to the soap operas and serials by moneymongers such as Ekta Kapoor whose only aim of life is to earn money and more money. Thanks to her, today extramarital affairs and infidelity are losing its taboo and women are becoming desensitized into thinking that it is acceptable.

My dear materialists, it is not acceptable, how can we become so blind so as to overlook the degradation of our divine culture of chastity and simplicity. The women of today, think that the western way of life is more in and more happening today and look down upon these age old values and customs. Try as we might this enjoyment of material pleasures in wild abandon will not give us that ultimate peace which our soul so much seeks. One has to one point of time look within oneself to look for the answers. But unfortunately by then it is too late. 

So please realize that spirituality is truly awakening of our inner soul. That is the need of the hour. The souls in this world are being lulled to sleep in the darkness of ignorance spread by the wild propaganda that sense enjoyment alone can give us happiness. And this is real escapism as spiritual people see things as they are and accept the stark reality for what exists and dovetail everything towards service to God and service to mankind. Spirituality elevates the spirit to achieve higher things rather than degrade our consciousness. So my friends the choice remains in your hands. Do you still feel spirituality has no chance in today’s modern age ?

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