When a country’s subjects have massive expectations from 11 people to give them the pleasure of victory and feeling as if it is their victory, is seldom reflected, or reflected less.
To be victorious one has to contribute.  Modern world, especially in the field of sports, one country’s win or defeat is based upon few players, who are playing the match on behalf of the country, atleast this what is believed by the hightly emotional subjects.  The win caused by 11 players puts the entire country in the frenzy of madness, and if defeated, people go through any extent to show their anger, frustration and disappointment.  This is huge burden for mere 11 people to handle and ultimately what is the impact of that victory or defeat?  How does it benefit the entire subject of the country; Financially, culturally, spiritually, physically, and inspirationally to motivate to take the country forward and one’s life forward in a meaningful way? Nothing much, very few people gain at the cost of huge emotional ups and down.
In Ramayana, we see when Lord Rama waged war against Ravana, the evil minded, arrogant and abuser of women and the ordinary subject for his own mean selfish end.  It was not Rama alone fighting and rest were holding flag and cheering Rama to give them the pleasure of his victory.  The ordinarly monkeys, were equally responsible player in making Rama victorious, certainly Sri Rama was capable of handling entire host of gods and demons single handedly, what to speak of Ravana.  But he was playing the role of an ideal ruler, who executes his duties by empowering every one to take part in their victory, and responsibility in defeat.  The onlookers very less in number but the participants were larger38
One has to make simple analysis of our objectives, what are we here to be entertained by few people and make them Gods in success?  Or if they fail then hurl the stones of abuses as if they are street dogs?
Therefore real “Rama Rajya” or the ideal governance is the responsibility of the subjects as much as the King or administrative head.   Being only cheer crowd, will not work, cheering will turn into jeering eventually. But while chanting the names of Lord Rama, “Jai Sri Rama,” and growing to be responsible as expected by Sri Rama is the real pleasure of one’s life.  Think of it.   Are we part of cheer and jeer crowd, or part of calling with love and devotion, “Jai Sri Rama.”SOURCE-http://lessonsfrommahabharat.blogspot.in/2015/03/sri-rama-and-cricket.html?spref=fb

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