Arise India Forum(AIF) accepts submissions of content from any person provided we deem it relevant to our vision. We are most interested in content that will seek to increase reader’s awareness of Indic history, art, culture,literature,philosophy and also shape their orientation positively towards Indic philosophy and spirituality. We also welcome articles which promote a sustainable view of civilization, economy and lifestyle.

Submissions inappropriate for publishing include those attacking a institutions without a philosophical or factual framework for criticism, those that contain controversial claims that have not/cannot be verified by Arise India Forum.In the event of rejecting a submission we will attempt to notify the contributor as to why we consider it unsuitable for publication.

Submissions can include graphics that may or may not be published in the event that the main text is accepted. Text may be in the form of .doc, .txt, and .rtf files. Images can be in the form of .jpg, .gif, and .png files. All submissions are copy-edited by our staff to insure editorial consistency. We encourage readers to comment and participate in discussing articles. Comments are not edited but are subject to moderation prior to publication.Readers can also email us with their queries, or any follow-up questions.

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