By: AIF Staff

I am an English man & I feel proud to be one, this is one common problem with us presently.

There are 200 + countries and only in 12 countries English is their main language; other 182 countries got their own mother tongue, so how can English be our International language as we always hear from others?

Girls & boys presently feels proud when they talk few words in English & say English is the best language ever & ignores his/her mother tongue, they sometimes even feel shy to talk in their own mother tongue in front of their friends etc. We should know the truth about this language whose words keeps changing always, for example few years back the word Tif is now turned to Thief, to describe mamaji in English we say uncle, for neighbour, any men on the road, real uncle, friends father for all we use the same common word UNCLE. Funny yeah?

English language copied most of the words from other languages; English hardly got his Original words.
English language got 12,000 words, half of it is been copied from other languages.

Hindi language got the maximum words 75,000 +
Marathi language got 48,000 +
Gujarati language got 40,000 +
Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, etc. are our mother tongue & we shall be proud of our mother tongue, Its hard to count how many words are Present in SANSKRIT & TAMIL which are the Roots of the other languages.

Interesting fact on languages.
Chinese is the most spoken language & the second Spoken language is HINDI. English is spoken hardly 3% of the world’s population.

We would feel shameful when we go back in our history & see how the Whites ruled other countries like the Japan, European & the time these countries got their independence, the very first thing they did was “REMOVED THE BRITISH EDUCATION SYSTEM” from their country & what did we do?

There were more than 1,50,000 Vedic colleges (Higher learning institute) this was proved in a survey in 1835 in Madras & the Villages in madras were 1,57,000 EXCLUDING SCHOOLS according the British Survey & Revenue reports, all these colleges were mainly for surgery (1,500 colleges for M.Sc. degree which is definitely an English term which was something else those days), politics, arts etc. & 70% backward class people were the people termed as Sudras (nai/barber) who use to get education in the Science field & we were always been blamed by other countries that Sudras were treated bad by the Brahmins. Indeed this misconception was created by the Whites about the Sudras/discrimination within our Society.
According to 1835 survey by McCauley said we should break the back bone of Bharata by removing Vedic education system & introduce English education to demotivate our country (View the picture for his exact words)

We prefer studying in convent schools now a day & the worst part about Convent. European were so poor who left their kids on the road or church or gave them to the priest or father & so where to keep those kids around the European country? The King decided to come up with the organization termed CONVENT, so we should understand our children’s & we, studied in an ORPHAN school which is on a boom presently & we donate them lakhs of Rupees & encourage them to come up with more such Orphan Convent schools & this is how we are helping the whites to break our own VEDIC BACKBONE in our Education field.

Technology – Our people say, we learn English because with English text we can invent many things, NO! Japanese, French, German technology are on the top list because they make use of their MOTHER TOUNGE & so what makes us say English is good for technology? All those countries which use their mother tongues wins a Noble laureate, even those countries which are not even 1% of Bharata’s population wins a noble, why? Because they makes use of his mother tongue. We Bhartiya use English language as a priority but still we are in the top list in many fields like IT, Surgery, etc but just imagine when we start using Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil as our priority for inventions where can we REACH?

There were many Gurukuls which were all claimed as Illegal was the first game played by the whites/ Macaulay, when they were claimed illegal all the donation they got were considered as illegal & so there was no more donation for Gurukuls & this gave birth to Modern English Education System. After the Vedic Education was stopped the first Convent came at Calcutta/Kolkata. Our Bhartiya people were not at all interested in sending their Kids to this English school due to which the person who was working as a clerk named “RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY” he went in houses & did this fake publicity about how English schools are useful for our Bhartiya kids, his job was to open convent school & fake preach the innocent Bhartiya. First meeting he had at Vardhaman / Kolkata where he was been asked by a farmer “what’s the use for such Schools? Replied; your kids would wear a tie, Farmer – what is that? Roy – In Cold countries like Europe where nose flows often, people use this tie to wipe their running nose, LOL… Anyhow he convinced many innocent & their kids started going to Convent. Just 150 years back people were not ready to send their kids to Convent & PRESENTLY, People are dying to send their/our kids to Convent, the child is not yet born & the admissions are open. I’ve experience this with the little kid in my house, she is hardly 14 months & her admissions are open :( what a shame! Getting a Degree does not mean we are intelligent; there are people without a degree but more intelligent then degree holders. Convent School manufactures Donkeys like me & nothing much. Those education degree which took 4/5 years would have been completed in just 18 months in my mother tongue because, simple logic. Those things which are been remembered in our mother tongue take just few minutes but in English would take few hours or days, so we all wasted out time. Shame! My country does not allow me to change the syllabus in our mother tongue. Whatever we learnt we know nothing presently about our sick syllabus, even in school days what I studied in 9th was useless in my 10th & 10th education was waste when I was in 11th & so on, what’s the use of such a degree which is just a name sake? & we are sending our kids to the same Orphans school where we went, where Education is useless & waste of time, money & intelligence. For every Bhartiya 3 languages should be compulsory – Own Mother tongue, Sanskrit & Hindi without a doubt.
English language do not have words to describe any relationship with details for example every next person is uncle however in Hindi or other Bhartiya languages – she is my nani ke behen ke poti ke beti ke sasural se nanand ke beti ke beti hai, we got minute & micro description to describe our relatives in our Bhartiya languages & respect of talking to person who are elder & younger to us both & what to talk about our beloved language which is also known as the language of the Gods. Sanskrit is the best language for computers as added in the Forbes.

Sanskrit is our future which is even confirmed by other countries.

It is the Mother of all languages. About 97% of world languages have been directly or indirectly influenced by this language. (Ref: UNO).

America has a University dedicated to Sanskrit and the NASA got a department in it to research on Sanskrit manuscripts.

Sanskrit is the best computer friendly language. (Ref: Forbes Magazine July 1987).

There is a report by a NASA scientist that America is creating 6th and 7th generation super computers based on Sanskrit language. Project deadline is 2025 for 6th generation and 2034 for 7th generation computer. After this there will be a revolution all over the world to learn Sanskrit.

The language is rich in most advanced science, contained in their books called Vedas, Upanishads, Shruti, Smriti, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana etc.
(Ref: Russian State University, NASA etc. NASA possesses 60,000 palm leaf manuscripts, which they are studying.)

Learning of Sanskrit improves brain functioning. Students start getting better marks in other subjects like Mathematics, Science etc., which some people find
difficult. It enhances the memory power. James Junior School, London, has made Sanskrit compulsory. Students of this school are among the toppers year after year. This has been followed by some schools in Ireland also.

Research has shown that the phonetics of this language has roots in various energy points of the body and reading, speaking or reciting Sanskrit stimulates these points and raises the energy levels, whereby resistance against illnesses, relaxation to mind and reduction of stress are achieved.

Sanskrit is the only language, which uses all the nerves of the tongue. By its pronunciation energy points in the body are activated that causes the blood
circulation to improve. This, coupled with the enhanced brain functioning and higher energy levels, ensures better health. Blood Pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc. are controlled. (Ref: American Hindu University after constant study)

There are reports that Russians, Germans and Americans are actively doing research on our sacred books and are producing them back to the world in their name. Seventeen countries around the world have a University or two to study Sanskrit to gain technological advantages.

Surprisingly, it is not just a language. Sanskrit is the primordial conduit between Human Thought and the Soul; Physics and Metaphysics; Subtle and Gross; Culture
and Art; Nature and its Author; Created and the Creator.

Aren’t these facts enough for us to think of learning Sanskrit?

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