State-of-india-mediaEver since Amit Shah has been made incharge of UP, there has been an increased chatter about somehow adulating Suicide Bombers Ishrat and terrorist Sohrabbuddin. After the anointment of Narendra Modi as Campaign Chief for LS 2014, it was expected that the corrupt government which has failed on all fronts would try to milk the only cow named as ‘Secularism’. And maligining Modi or Shah in this regard would complete the polarization process, which would lead to en mass voting directed by diktats from religious institutions. The idea is to somehow show that Ishrat was an ‘innocent’ person, victimized by ‘communal’ Gujarat Government and Mainstream media would run this story smearing Modi and Gujarat police for obvious reasons.

But what Main Stream media would not extensively cover is this

1. The Input was given by IB (a central Agency) to Gujarat police that Ishrat Jahan was a suicide Bomber
2. The affidavit filed by G K Pillai (former Home secretary) said it clearly that Ishrat was a terrorist. Pillai served under UPA I and no one would deny that he was a part of ‘Secular government’
3. The affidavit was later changed by the new Home Secretary , again for obvious reasons
4. David Headley, the convict of Mumbai 26/11 has clearly indicated that Ishrat was not just an LeT operative but also a Fidayeen (suicide bomber). Headley is in US custody and therefore no one can blame Modi’s ‘PR’ team fpr fabricating and spreading this news. This is by CIA which is not under Modi’s control or for that matter anyone’s control. Not to forget this is the same country, whose policy of No Visa has been celebrated by so many ‘Seculars’. ANd this is the finding of Central Agency

So it is clear that Jahan had malicious intent of bombing the Gujarat CM and he had serious threat to his Life. The only debate which remains is whether the encounter was fake.

Now all those Liberal Intellectuals who would celebrate if Ishrat is awarded Bharat Ratna or Param Vir Chakra

Does someone’s right to bombard people is more important than someone’s right to live (especially an elected CM)?
If any police or military officer, comes in contact with a Suicide Bomber, does he not have a right to defend himself by eliminating such terrorist who might explode anytime?
Ishrat was an inconsequential Mumbra female. Would eliminating her have earned lot of laurels to the Gujarat police?
Was she so important or did the cops had too much to gain by killing a 3rd grade terrorist?
Does it even look to be true that someone in Gujarat might have set up a false IB intel, on an unimportant girl from a different state, so that she could be plotted and killed in cold blood, just to gain sadistic pleasure?

Everybody deserves a fair trial, even the deadliest of terrorist but the Liberal intellectuals must understand that no one in the police force is sitting so idle that he would plot such a wide array to eliminate an unknown terrorist 1st by planting some one in IB, then by getting fake Intel and then by kidnapping her from Mumbai and then travelling to another city to just kill her.

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