Contributed By: Piyush Kumar Dwivedi (Software Engineer from Bangalore and regular reader of Arise India Forum)

There was some discussion on god’s presence and I was trying to convince my friends in my Office. Then I was asked this question that what if my faith is totally false and there is no God?  It was a truly genuine question and answering to the question based on what I have heard from my superior authorities increased my faith on God.

This is the common thought process of our modern generation when they think of God and religion. And because they do not find a solid foundation on which they can believe on existence of God because there is no proper education available on this subject in our education system and society, they loose interest. So the question is how one can believe that God exists.

This question has been asked since time immemorial. Different people have different opinion about God. Seeing the suffering and tragedies of this world some say that God doesn’t exists, some say that he exists but exclusively as per understanding of their particular faith. Some deny God’s existence based on the scientific evidences.

Just think , throughout the history the greatest, most compassionate people that perhaps ever lived in all the cultures of the world are those who have given their lives for the welfare of others to list a few:

Jesus Christ (who was praying even for the crucifiers “O Lord, Forgive them as they don’t know what they are doing”), St Francis… They gave their life for others and they not only claiming that god exists but they were clamming to be feeling God and seeing him. Muhammad sahib in Islamic faith, Moses in Jewish… they all were god loving people. And in India Ramanujacharya, Madhavacharya, Shankaracharya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and so many great sages who are the embodiment of love and compassion to all. And in modern times Srila Prabhupad , The founder of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) who at the age of 70 left to west just to give the love of God to all suffering souls selflessly. Because he knew that there is everything in this world but the only missing link is the knowledge about God and that is why everyone is miserable despite of all their endeavors to become happy.

Now we have to think … Are these people liars? Are they laying to Public? Are they speaking it out of ignorance?

They are the most honorable people who ever walked on the earth. For me it is certain that they must be speaking the truth. They are teaching us how to become genuinely good. They are teaching us about our eternal nature and our relationship with God for which every one of us is looking for. When we see through the eyes of such great people and through the scriptures then we can see the presence of God every where.

Now just think of a banyan tree, it comes from such a small seed and every banyan tree contains millions and millions of seeds which have the potency to create such big big trees. There is no technology and sciences to make that seed, to make that entire tree. It’s a miracle, absolutely miracle. But we are so used to such miracles that we don’t even think. Just think of how a beautiful baby is born. If you think of the wonderful arrangement you will be amazed.

Now either everything comes from something or everything comes from nothing. If there is no God that means everything comes from nothing. And if there is God then that something is God from where everything comes. So is it not more logical to accept that everything comes from something? Why? Because in our practical life we don’t have any experience of anything coming from nothing. Every creation implies a creator and every wonderful design has a designer. Is it not?

So according to scriptures that something is God and is the source of everything. To understand the relation of everything to its source is called the Science of self realization. Perhaps it is the most important study because by understanding God we also understand our own existence beyond this temporary framework of short life and we can understand what is real love and what is real fulfillment in that relationship.

Once Srila Prabhupad was asked the same question, he replied “Even if there is no God still we shall follow this path because we are happier and blissful than those who don’t follow. We live a nice, pure and moral life.” This is true as we can see in modern society people seek shelter of spiritualists as they are constantly tormented by anxiety and frustration. But then Prabhupad asked a counter question to him- “you are living a sinful life ignoring God, What if there is God and you come to know after death?” that person was shocked. He had never expected such question. I also asked the same question to my friend that what if there is God??

Those who follow path of God are on a safer side both here and hereafter. When we understand and accept supreme lord beyond our dry Logic and speculation, as he is explained in the revealed scriptures then God becomes the object of our love and real fulfillment, and this is right of every single living entity without any discrimination.

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