Question: If the Deity (murti) is non-different from God, then how is it
that sometimes a fly may be moving around the Deity and the Deity doesn’t – or can’t – wave it away?

Answer: The divinity of any material manifestation of God is not proved by its potency to break material laws, but by its potency to bring about spiritual revelation and transformation among the sincerely devoted. For example, some religions which don’t accept the practice of Deity worship still worship their sacred texts as if they were divine. Even those that don’t worship their sacred texts still consider those texts as divine in some way – at least as a manifestation of divine wisdom. Yet can those sacred texts not be torn or burnt by the faithless? Does this make them any less divine? Not at all. The divinity of these texts can be appreciated only when one reads them with a devotional service attitude. The same principle applies to the Deities.

The Lord does not manifest Himself as the Deity to prove His omnipotence. In fact, the Lord

generally does not manifest His omnipotence in this material world. Because this world is created
as a facility for those souls who want to enjoy separate from God. All of us were originally with God in His eternal spiritual kingdom, but when we wanted to enjoy by imitating God instead of serving Him, then we were sent to this material world to play out our fantasies of becoming the best, or basically God. Now God is eternally the supreme, the best in everything. If He were to manifest His omnipotence in this word, then we would not have any chance to even try to play God. So God graciously facilitates our desire to enjoy separate from Him by not directly manifesting His omnipotence here.
He wants us to realize for ourselves that, no matter how big and powerful we become, we can never be happy without loving Him. And when we get the faintest desire to turn back to Him, He starts providing us facilities to love Him again and return to His kingdom. And among the most important of such facilities is the Deity, which offers us sensory experience of the divine.

Thus, God manifests Himself as the Deity not to prove His omnipotence, but to give a facility for

the devotionally-inclined. So, if a devotee sees a fly near the Deities on the altar, he sees that as the sign of his negligence in his service to the Deities, of his not having maintained sufficiently high standards of cleanliness in the altar.

Source: The Spiritual Scientist

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