Arise India Forum(AIF) is a group of young and thoughtful enthusiasts who value the presence of Indic culture, history and Vedic wisdom for contemporary society. Arise India Forum seeks to facilitate the growth of awareness of India’s rich heritage, culture and philosophy – a facilitation we believe will help in removing misconceptions and misinterpretations about her religious traditions and history, and instil a sense of pride in the youths who will inherit it. We hope this will clean up the mess of confusion around Indian heritage, and reinvigorate the cultural identity of Indians for we believe that science, technology, and philosophy should be harnessed to run in pursuit of improving not just quality of life, but preserving our identity as well – and to fulfill our quest for everlasting happiness.

We also publish articles commenting on issues of the day, focusing both at India and the world at large. We focus on news articles highlighting the importance of sustainable living, and also provide a philosophical perspective on contemporary events.

You are welcome to join and facilitate the growth of this awareness lest India drown in filth of fanaticism, hatred and misinformation. Let us come together to empower every Indian with knowledge to catalyze this change and arise ourselves…to Arise India.


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